Steelers 2009 Stats Breakdown Versus 4-3 & 3-4 Defenses

I received an email asking about how the Steelers performed against 4-3 defenses last year and I thought I would pop up some quick stats on it. In the 1st table, I listed the 8 games in which the Steelers faced a true 4-3 defense or in the case of the 1st game against the Ravens, a predominate 4-3 look through most of the game. The 2nd table are the stats against 3-4 defenses.

Firstly, the 6-2 record against 3-4 defenses jumps out versus the 3-5 record versus 4-3 teams. Next, the Steelers rushed for almost 25 yards more a game and passed for almost 85 yards more a game on average against 3-4 teams in 2009. In addition, they averaged 8 more offensive points a game against 3-4 defensive fronts. Judging by these surface numbers, you can see why they are giving the offense 4-3 defensive looks in practice already in camp. The Steelers get to face 3 such 4-3 fronts in preseason and that will help give the coaching staff more tape on individual performances heading into the season as well. Just some stats to chew on headed into the 2010 preseason.

2009 Stats Versus 4-3 Defenses

WeekTeamRushPassSacks/YdsOff PtsW/L
1Titans363634 – 4213W
2Bears1052212 – 1814L
3Bengals1022761 – 520L
5Lions822773 – 1528W
7Vikings1071754 – 2313W
10Bengals801744 – 2812L
12Ravens1531450 – 017L
13Raiders1322781 – 924L
*Totals797190919 – 1401413-5
*Avg99.6238.62.4 – 17.517.6*

2009 Stats Versus 3-4 Defenses

WeekTeamRushPassSacks/YdsOff PtsW/L
4Chargers1773393 – 1938W
6Browns1404173 – 1427W
9Broncos1732333 – 3121W
11Chiefs1144152 – 1324L
14Browns772018 – 606L
15Packers655035 – 3137W
16Ravens482594 – 2123W
17Dolphins2022203 – 1930W
*Totals996258731 – 2082066-2
*Avg124.5323.43.9 – 2625.8*
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