Rookies Dwyer, Butler & Sylvester Change Uniform Numbers

Hope you have not purchased your Jonathan Dwyer, Crezdon Butler or Stevenson Sylvester jerseys yet as they have already changed numbers. It is not uncommon after the 53 man roster has been set for rookie to scavenger through the numbers of released players and change numbers. On Monday, Dwyer was wearing No. 27 formerly worn by Joe Burnett, Butler is now No. 28 formerly worn by Justin Vincent and Sylvester is the new No. 55, formerly worn by Patrick Bailey. In a surprising twist, rookie Emmanuel Sanders is all set to stick with No. 88. If I need to tell you who that number belonged to, well you just might be on the wrong blog. Make sure to buy and customize your own uniform at

  • Webslinger

    I have heard a few announcers mention about Sanders wearing 88 like it is a big thing. I think it’s been worn by a few receivers since Swanny. Wasn’t Andre Hastings 88 back in the Neil days?

  • Dave Bryan

    Not a big deal at all, just a little bold is all. I kind of like that. I keep forgetting how old I am and the fact that most of these kids would not know Swann if he walked past them in the mall. The number is not retired and certainly is fair game.


  • dave

    Back in the old days, a WR couldn’t wear a number in the teens, it had to be 80-89, so #82 and #88 have been re-issued many times since Stallworth and Swann. So, no big deal that #82 and #88 are being used this year.

    #70 is the only number officially retired. #12, #32, #52, #58, #75 and probably #36 and #63 are unofficially retired. #47 and #59 have been re-issued at times but are mostly retired.