Save Pittsburgh ESPN 1250 Radio

If you believe the news today from Bob Smizik in the Post Gazette, ESPN 1250 Sports radio in Pittsburgh will continue with a sports format until the end of the year and then switch to Radio Disney. This means they will only carry ESPN national programming almost exclusively until Dec. 31. On Jan. 1, the station will switch to Radio Disney. This means the weekday shows of Stan and Guy, The Drive, with Scott Paulsen, Mike Logan and Chris Mack and Stillers 360, with Ken Laird could be ripped from the air as soon as next week.

I urge everyone to take to Twitter and use the hashtag #SaveESPN1250 in their Tweets through the weekend and also slamming ESPN 1250 on Facebook here by writing on their wall here:

We need to save these great shows some how, some way. Make it happen Pittsburgh. Make some noise!

  • Jim. Coslov

    You are making a huge mistake taking local sports off the air.
    This is the greatest sports town in the USA
    with the most knowledgeable sports fans.
    Stan and Guy are legends in this city and
    many local sports fans rely on them for accurate and
    creative sports reporting.
    I will stop listening to local sports, because
    the other sports reporters are not even third rate
    in my opinion.
    This is very depressing for me as I know it
    is for many other sports fans.
    Please use better judgement before finalizing
    this horrible move.
    Thank you

  • Mike

    What a horrible decision! I can’t believe it! Radio Disney should be on FM not AM!Why wouldn’t they let them finish out the year? I can tell you i will not let my kids listen to Radio Disney now or ever! With the Pens and Steelers playing now i have to the fan because where i live 970 fades out as soon as it gets dark! I do like Bendel but i only get him for a little bit. This is a bunch of garbage and will boycot Disney as much as possible!

  • Phil

    It’s about money. ESPN was not profitable. If you folks really want to save the station contact them and buy advertising. Tell them you want to sponsor Stan and Guy. Place yourcommercials on The Drive.

    Radio is a business. No petition drive will bring back an unprofitable format.

  • marty

    At least we won’t have to put up with Chris Mack anymore.

  • Elaine

    I went to the Facebook link above, wrote something and it was immediately poofed.
    I can’t believe this. First we lose Sportsbeat, one of the best sports talk programs in the country and now this. Can’t the Rooney’s, Mario, etc. use their influence and stop this. It is horrible. i certainly won’t be listening to Disney Radio.

  • Daniel

    ARE YINZ SERIOUS!!!!! ESPN radio was the last male frontier on radio. we dont have to hear lady gag-gag or justin beeber. when i find out who is responsible, i will begin organizing a boycott.