Steelers 2010 Salary Cap Analysis Of Roster

Now that the 53 man roster is set and the 8 players have been signed to the Steelers practice squad, it is time to look at the players under contract and how the payroll shakes out heading into week 1. as most know, there is no salary cap in 2010, but the Steelers made it known that they will treat the payroll and roster as if the salary cap was in place to help in future years when and if a new CBA is reached. These contract numbers and amounts are not exact, but should be close as I keep close look out on the numbers from the NFLPA as they come in and am constantly updating my spreadsheet. I feel I am well within a million dollars right now and perhaps even much closer. Let me know if you find any discrepancies that do not look right as I do so many of these that I might have transcribed an error very easily.

PlayerPosExpAgeLast Year Base Salary Cap Charge
Charlie BatchQB13352012$855,000.00$855,000.00
Dennis DixonQB3252010$470,000.00$513,000.00
Byron LeftwichQB8302011$1,800,000.00$1,800,000.00
Ben RoethlisbergerQB6272015$8,050,000.00$12,250,000.00
Running Backs
Jonathan DwyerRBR212012$320,000.00$345,947.00
Rashard MendenhallRB3232012$528,000.00$1,785,000.00
Mewelde MooreRB7282010$1,475,000.00$1,925,000.00
Isaac RedmanRB1252011$320,000.00$320,000.00
Wide Receivers
Arnaz BattleWR8302012$925,000.00$1,250,000.00
Antonio BrownWRR222012$320,000.00$344,358.00
Antwaan Randle ElWR9312012$925,000.00$1,255,000.00
Emmanuel SandersWRR232012$320,000.00$515,356.00
Mike WallaceWR2242011$395,000.00$582,000.00
Hines WardWR13342013$4,000,000.00$4,610,000.00
Tight Ends
David JohnsonTE/HB2232011$395,000.00$406,000.00
Heath MillerTE6272014$2,498,000.00$4,698,000.00
Matt SpaethTE4262010$1,101,000.00$1,101,000.00
Offensive Linemen
Flozell AdamsT13352011$2,500,000.00$2,500,000.00
Trai EssexG6272010$806,000.00$1,056,000.00
Ramon FosterG/T2242011$395,000.00$398,000.00
Tony HillsT3252010$470,000.00$572,000.00
Chris KemoeatuG6272013$2,369,000.00$3,396,000.00
Doug LegurskyC/G2242010$395,000.00$395,000.00
Pouncey, MaurkiceCR212014$320,000.00$1,444,500.00
Scott, JonathanT4272010$545,000.00$545,000.00
Starks, MaxT7282012$4,320,000.00$6,420,000.00
Defensive Linemen
Nick EasonDE8302011$755,000.00$755,000.00
Casey HamptonNT10332012$4,000,000.00$6,500,000.00
Chris HokeNT9342010$1,500,000.00$1,875,000.00
Ziggy HoodDE2232013$395,000.00$1,394,000.00
Brett KeiselDE9312013$2,925,000.00$3,925,000.00
Aaron SmithDE12342011$5,000,000.00$6,600,000.00
James FarriorILB14352012$2,825,000.00$3,825,000.00
Larry FooteILB9302012$3,300,000.00$3,900,000.00
Keyaron FoxILB7282010$800,000.00$990,000.00
Thaddeus GibsonOLBR222012$320,000.00$442,005.00
James HarrisonOLB7322014$755,000.00$6,355,000.00
Stevenson SylvesterILBR222012$320,000.00$358,853.00
Lawrence TimmonsILB4242011$550,000.00$2,448,000.00
Jason WorildsLBR222013$320,000.00$795,000.00
LaMarr WoodleyOLB4252010$550,000.00$900,000.00
Defensive Backs
Will AllenS7282012$975,000.00$1,300,000.00
Crezdon ButlerCBR232012$320,000.00$359,723.00
Ryan ClarkS9302013$2,250,000.00$3,000,000.00
William GayCB4252010$1,101,000.00$1,101,000.00
Keenan LewisCB2242011$395,000.00$555,000.00
Anthony MadisonCB5282010$630,000.00$630,000.00
Bryant McFaddenCB6282012$2,000,000.00$2,000,000.00
Ryan MundyFS2252010$395,000.00$395,000.00
Troy PolamaluSS8292011$6,100,000.00$8,295,000.00
Ike TaylorCB8302010$3,500,000.00$6,530,000.00
Jeff ReedK9312010$2,814,000.00$2,814,000.00
Daniel SepulvedaP4262010$1,101,000.00$1,101,000.00
Greg WarrenLS6282010$700,000.00$832,000.00
PUP List
Chris ScottTR222010$320,000.00$366,685.00
Injured Reserve
Willie ColonT5272010$2,521,000.00$2,521,000.00
Limas SweedWR3252011$470,000.00$853,000.00
Tuff HarrisS4272010$470,000.00$470,000.00

  • Don

    That’s a pretty big salary for Foote

  • Dave Bryan

    Info on the contract. Foote will make $3.9 million in the first year of the contract.

  • Don

    Well then – that’s a huge salary for a 4th ILB…

  • Thunder

    i dont understand how teams like jets, pats and eagles can spend all that money on free agents and steelers are over the cap? someone should write an article on this. thanks!