Steelers Week 1 Defense Participation Chart Versus Falcons

We are winding down our coverage of the week 1 game versus the Falcons and are finishing up a few more items, but wanted to make sure to post the defensive participation chart of the game. What sicks out the most is the fact that James Farrior and Lawrence Timmons played every snap at the inside linebacking spots. I really expected to see Larry Foote spelling one of them every now and again, but there was no need. The only real changes was the rotation on the defensive line and William Gay coming in as the nickel corner to replace the nose tackle.


  • ToddinSyracuse

    Re: Defensive Participation chart

    I distinctly remember Harrison and Woodley on the same side late in the 4Q, right around the time of Polamalu’s pick. No indication of that in the DFC. Am I mistaken?

  • Dave Bryan

    I have not been distinguishing sides with the defense each play, more really of just participation on the play. I may in future ones.