The Michael Oher False Starts – Blind Refs On The Blind Side

I have been asked by several to put together a video of the false starts of Ravens left tackle Michael Oher from the week 4 game versus the Baltimore Ravens. I put 15 plays on the video and while some are a bit ticky-tack I admit, there are others that are quite obvious that should of been called. I put all close ones so you could compare and make your decisions. They get worse as the game goes on and are in chronological order. I am not going to put an arrow on Oher and go much in depth with this, but Oher is the left tackle and wears #74. I am not saying these cost the Steelers the game, but a few should of been called. Only the first was flagged for a false start.

  • Horcroft

    this is pretty ridiculous. i noticed a few of them during the game, but not this many. i’d say half of these should have been called. some of them are pretty blatant.

  • Jon

    Yeah, I was watching the game in bad resolution and only noticed one or two of these. But on some of them he gets back faster than the quarterback. What kind of crap is that?

  • Sour Grapes

    Wow, thanks for putting together a video displaying that Michael Oher is getting off the ball at the exact time the ball is snapped. He is incredibly quick and when you watch closely you see he is right with the ball every time.

  • TKSteeler05

    i can’t believe they let all of those go. i was screaming at the TV all afternoon! thanks for putting this together.

    also, it’s “should have,” not “should of.” sounds just like “should’ve” but it’s wrong.

  • Brian

    He’s big and he’s quick. The ball is in motion so he has the right to move out of his stance…

  • Andrew from SC

    It looks to me like the guy is simply more athletic than everyone around him. He moves with the snap and if you look at him in the context of everyone else it looks like he is moving early. However, fans should note that false start isn’t defined by moving faster than the defender (as much as fans of Harrison would like it to be when he gets showed up by Oher all day), it is defined as moving before the snap. One false start, that’s it.

    What a bunch of crybabies. When did Steelers fans become such sissies? Own your loss and get better because of it; 3-1 is a great position to be in especially with your franchise QB coming back. It’ll be great to see the rematch in Baltimore, with Roethlisberger back for the Steelers and Reed back for the Ravens. Just appreciate a competitive game and stop whining about it, guys.

  • m naughton

    oher is quick. harrison is quick. watch both of them. they both move when birk snaps the ball. go back and look at j ogden when he played the same posit. same quickness. don’t you dare take a hard fought game by YOUR team and deminish it by blaming it on the lack of penalties. esp on snap infractions. do you really think the refs don’t look at that. quit crying and man up. support your team, don’t look for excuses.

  • Sour Grapes

    This is funny coming from the same Steeler fans who blast the Ravens for complaining about the refs. Looks pretty well timed to me…

  • Joe

    Maybe 2 of those were false starts… But even then they were really close to the snap.

    A lot of those are just great jumps. If you watch frame by frame, he’s going when the ball just starts to be snapped…

  • eg

    How many offsides does Harrison have every game that are not called?????

  • Wahhhh !!

    Why don’t you put together video of Batch trying to pull the defense offsides with hand and head fakes. What a bunch of crybabies. Take your whoopin’ like a man.

  • JJT

    Anyone who says that Oher is “just that quick” is clearly a blind homer for the Ravens. Dude had at least 5 false starts in that game that were not called. For whatever reason the Ravens have been the beneficiary of penalties so far this year, the Jets game was a total joke.

    Not the reason the Steelers lost, that would be because they had a 4th string QB playing, but no wonder Harrison was quiet all day, his opponent had a head start nearly evey play.