Steelers HC Mike Tomlin New England Patriots Post Game Press Conference Week 10

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin post game press conference following the 2010 week 10 39-26 loss against the New England Patriots on Sunday night November 14th, 2010. Transcript to follow soon!

[audio:|titles=Steelers HC Mike Tomlin New England Patriots Post Game Press Conference Week 10]

  • Little Ben

    For all the Tomlin/Ariens supporters out there I hope you paid attention the past few weeks. This team has no coaching at all. Lets see, three weeks ago in NO they weren’t ‘prepared’ for all the noise in the dome…..LOL, in Miami they weren’t prepared for a near rookie QB and only won that one by bad officiating, Reed wasn’t ‘prepared’ last night for the Heinz Field turf….LOL, last week they weren’t prepared for a 2-7 Bungles team and damn near gave that one away; not to mention the debacle with the Browns where rookie QB McCoy on his first NFL start toasts the ‘vaunted’ Steeler ‘D’ for really big yards…..WOW; this ain’t your Daddy’s Steelers! Having watched every game this year I suggest that this team should be 3-6 vs. 6-3. Our best ball was played with Ben at home playing video games; we played as a team and didn’t embarrass ourselves. Last night was an embarrassment; who were those guys. Troy looked like some kind of idiot out there running around in circles and contributed nothing except a questionable hit on Brady after his TD. Harrison has been neutered by Goodell and Tomlin was neutered long before he arrived in the ‘burgh’. Tomlin was a mistake and the Rooneys know it, as in no new contract.
    Ariens should be coaching high school ball somewhere other than Western PA, our HS teams know how to make adjustments! I have never had a bad word about LeBeau but he even looked confused last evening and the ‘D’ looked just as pathetic. As for Reed, he needs to be looking for work this morning. Not only that he comes out whining today about the very people that pay for him to go out and embarrass the city and the team as he beats up towel dispensers and urinates in public; give me a freakin break; probably had a few too many IC’s before the game. This season has 2009 written all over it; let’s see how we fare against Oakland this year! Oh yea, where’s the fine for the helmet-to-helmet hit on Ward? Oh, forgot, it wasn’t Harrison!

  • Scotty86

    Why is it everytime the Steelers play the Patriots the defense plays a zone coverage and gets gouged for yards and looks pathetic, did anyone on the Steelers watch what the NY Giants did in the Super Bowl against the Patriots, they pressured him constantly not let shaggy boy Tom Brady just sit there and throw eight yard passes all night and what happened to the emotion the head coach used to have? As a lifelong Steeler fan, last night was a total embaressment to watch on national television. The Steelers aren’t supposed to get knocked around like that in there own building.

  • lasteel

    totally agree with everything lil ben said,, great to see someone gets it!