Steelers Offensive Line Breakdown Through First Half Of Season Recap

The first 8 games are in the books and that puts as officially at the half way point of the Steelers 2010 season. It is time to recap the play by play breakdowns of the first 8 weeks of the season and post the totals. I have linked to each individual breakdown page so as you can go back and look at that weeks play by play breakdown.

Yes, Maurkice Pouncey has been that good so far and Chris Kemoeatu has been so consistent. He is especially nasty in the running game. It is hard to judge the work of Ramon Foster thus far as he only has 48 snaps or so under his belt. we likely will get a much longer look at him Sunday night against the Patriots as it looks Kemoeatu may miss the game. Doug Legursky has filled in admirably and played both guard spots as well as some center this past Monday night. Max Starks battled a bad ankle early on and played with an injured neck for most of Monday night. as far as left tackles go, he had not been awful at all. Of course as of today, he is out for the season. Flozell Adams has fully adjusted to the right tackle spot and if keeps giving what he has been giving thus far, the Steelers should be fine on that end. He takes plays off and will struggle with the quick guys, but he is a savvy veteran. Jonathan Scott has played at both tackle spots and some guard. He has not been awful, but his weekness is his footwork and slowness at the snap. Quick defensive ends will easily beat him to the edge if he does not have help. We will get to see him make the start at left tackle again versus the Patriots on Sundauy night. It is his job for now. Trai Essex continues to be a liabilty in pass protection and is the weakest starter on the line up until now. Tony Hills looked pretty below average against the Titans and he will likely get a gameday helmet from here on out as a backup to Scott. God help us if Scott goes down and he has to take over at left tackle.

I have ranked each linesmens performance by their best to worst game. You can click on any opponent link to go top that weeks detailed grading of the offensive line from that game.

Maurkice Pouncey5453198%Titans
Maurkice Pouncey5856297%Falcons
Maurkice Pouncey4741687%Bengals
Maurkice Pouncey5447787%Dolphins
Maurkice Pouncey4942786%Buccaneers
Maurkice Pouncey6253985%Browns
Maurkice Pouncey5041982%Ravens
Maurkice Pouncey51361571%Saints
Chris Kemoeatu5856297%Falcons
Chris Kemoeatu4138393%Buccaneers
Chris Kemoeatu5147492%Titans
Chris Kemoeatu5045590%Ravens
Chris Kemoeatu5952788%Browns
Chris Kemoeatu5447787%Dolphins
Chris Kemoeatu1613381%Bengals
Chris Kemoeatu51331865%Saints
Ramon Foster220100%Ravens
Ramon Foster2421388%Buccaneers
Ramon Foster87188%Browns
Ramon Foster1411379%Dolphins
Doug Legursky12120100%Titans
Doug Legursky4037393%Dolphins
Doug Legursky57471082%Browns
Doug Legursky3327682%Buccaneers
Doug Legursky4234881%Bengals
Doug Legursky48361275%Ravens
Doug Legursky21150%Saints
Max Starks5449591%Dolphins
Max Starks5044688%Ravens
Max Starks3933685%Falcons
Max Starks62511182%Browns
Max Starks4133880%Buccaneers
Max Starks2619773%Bengals
Max Starks51361571%Saints
Flozell Adams3836295%Titans
Flozell Adams3531489%Buccaneers
Flozell Adams5548787%Browns
Flozell Adams2320387%Dolphins
Flozell Adams58471181%Bengals
Flozell Adams58461279%Falcons
Flozell Adams50391178%Ravens
Flozell Adams45291664%Saints
Jonathan Scott4746198%Titans
Jonathan Scott2220291%Buccaneers
Jonathan Scott1916384%Falcons
Jonathan Scott43331077%Bengals
Jonathan Scott3123874%Dolphins
Jonathan Scott63350%Saints
Jonathan Scott73443%Browns
Trai Essex5851788%Falcons
Trai Essex4336784%Titans
Trai Essex58421672%Bengals
Trai Essex51351669%Saints
Tony Hills2518772%Titans
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