Looking At The New Stats Inc Offensive Line Ranking & Formula

Now I have been breaking down the Steelers offensive line ever week this season and grade each player on a pass or fail for each play. It is not full proof by any stretch, but it gives you a great idea of how each individual lineman does each and every week. Stats Inc. has released a new offensive line ranking and formula sponsored by NY Life and it is called the New York Life Protection Index and it claims it is calculated using a proprietary formula, the fundamentals of which are comprised of the length of a team’s pass attempts combined with penalties by offensive linemen, sacks allowed and quarterback hurries and knockdowns. The New York Life Protection Index is updated weekly throughout the regular season. Let us have a look at a few things.

First is a game by game scoring from this season using their new method:

1vs Atlanta FalconsW 15 – 953.8
2at Tennessee TitansW 19 – 11-49.2
3at Tampa Bay BuccaneersW 38 – 1396.9
4vs Baltimore RavensL 14 – 179.7
6vs Cleveland BrownsW 28 – 1079.8
7at Miami DolphinsW 23 – 2236.3
8at New Orleans SaintsL 10 – 2047.1
9at Cincinnati BengalsW 27 – 2177.6
10vs New England PatriotsL 26 – 3966.6
11vs Oakland RaidersW 35 – 343.4
12at Buffalo BillsW 19 – 1613.1
13at Baltimore RavensW 13 – 1060.8
14vs Cincinnati BengalsW 23 – 727.2

Next is the Steelers rating & scoring dating back to 2000. as you can see they won the Super Bowl with the 2005 & 2008 teams ranking in the mid to upper 40\’s. So not all is lost considering how the defense is shaping up this season.

2010 Steelers1344.9
2009 Steelers1654.1
2008 Steelers1645.6
2007 Steelers1648.6
2006 Steelers1654.8
2005 Steelers1642.7
2004 Steelers1641
2003 Steelers1651.9
2002 Steelers1667.3
2001 Steelers1652.5
2000 Steelers1630.5

Lastly you will see the Super Bowl Champions dating back to 2000 and their rank to end the season in the NFL using this stat. 5 teams have won with ratings in the 40\’s and twice it has been the Steelers.

20093New Orleans Saints1676.8
200830Pittsburgh Steelers1645.6
200710New York Giants1671.2
20061Indianapolis Colts1687
200524Pittsburgh Steelers1642.7
20047New England Patriots1665.5
200310New England Patriots1660.3
200226Tampa Bay Buccaneers1644.7
200120New England Patriots1648.6
200021Baltimore Ravens1646.4

What the stat does not show you is how long a QB held the football on sacks, runs stuffed and runs thrown for a loss. It mostly seems weighted more to the passing game than the running game. So you have to take that well into consideration. While it is a fun rating to look at it really offers no REAL hard evidence of how the line is or is not doing. We all know Ben Roethlisberger holds the ball for a long time. It leads to sacks as well as big plays. If Ben takes a sack after 3.2 seconds, when a line has presumably done their job, it still gets a demerit. This is an instance of stats lying again. Do I put a ton of weight in this rating moving forward? Not really as there is no hard evidence of it predicting a championship team. Your best bet is to watch the games and break down the line play like I do. Also watch the sack breakdowns as well. All in all, it is just another pretty stat that does not tell the whole story. Only film does that. Here is recent look at the low offensive output that can trace to line play that holds more water stats wise if you ask me.

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