NFL Fines Ravens LB McClain & NT Ngata For Sunday Night Hits

NFL PR guy, Greg Aiello has confirmed that Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain has been fined $40K for his hit on Steelers tight end Heath Miller in last nights game. Also being fined is Ravens nose tackle Haloti Ngata, who will be docked $15K for a hit on Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger that resulted in a broken nose for Roethlisberger. Neither player was penalized on the field for either hit. Both fines were termed illegal blows to head of a defenseless player.

  • Ron

    Kemo would be considered a running back, and not in a defenseless position, so helmet to helmet is legal. I still think hits like that are ridiculous, and should be banned but as the rules stand, it’s perfectly legal. It was legal when Harrison knocked out Cribbs. Same thing.

  • Karen

    I was disgusted watching the game. What were the officials watching? You don’t see the QB punched in the nose? Or snapping the neck of the receiver? The NFL should start fining the refs, maybe they would make the calls instead of turning a blind eye. If it was Brady or Manning that got hit in the face, I am sure they would have called it and with a higher fine! 15K isn’t enough considering it just happened to him in another game.

  • Michelle

    Not only were the blatant hits on Ben and Heath not called, the refs did manage to see and call, none-the-less, an illegal formation later in the game that the announcers had a hard time picking out or justifying. REALLY all you bias Steeler Haters? Get serious.