Steelers HC Mike Tomlin New York Jets Post Game Press Conference Week 15

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin post game press conference following the 2010 week 15 22-17 loss against the New York Jets on Sunday evening December 19th, 2010. Transcript to follow soon!

  • mario

    WHY, WHY is 3rd down back M. Moore in on 1st down @ 4 yd line taking a deep handoff,,,,, dumbest F***ing playcall…. arians must HATE MENDENHALL…..

  • djjemani

    I blame the coaching for this. the coaching staff was way wrong for that safety. Makes no sense, i swear this year teams are throwing games. thank god for # 7 . steelers better not ever get rid of ben ! that game was our win on a silver platter but the coaching staff was like no not this week :(