Steelers Players Singing Christmas Carols Video

This video below of the Steelers players singing Christmas carols came out a few days ago, but now is uploaded to Youtube. If you have not seen it yet, it is hilarious and entertaining. Chris Hoke, James Harrison and Ike Taylor are great along with the Steelers specialist. Rashard Mendenhall seems to do the robot in one song. Bookmark this as it is so funny.

[flv: 550 350]

  • john up north

    who are the two funny linemen: one kisses the other, they hug each other, they are hilarious?

  • Mary Thompson

    Love the dancing and gestures as much as the singing , being influenced as always by the greatest leader in the nfl. I would describe that demonstration as “unfogettable, truly entertaining, hilarious, uplifting, cheerful,brave, and too short”!