Steelers Six From Around The Web – Friday December 10th – Triple Threat Edition

Ed Bouchette has a great article on the young triple receiving threat of Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown.

Scott Brown blogged about how Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor is making a strong case for a Pro Bowl invite.

Along the same topic, Dale Lolley wrote about how the Steelers have done good over the years keeping Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco in check when they have faced him.

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The Bengals conference call transcripts are up from Marvin Lewis and Chad Ochocinco.

Teresa Varley of chatted with new punter, Jeremy Kapinos and you can watch the interview here.

Ravens safety Ed Reed is accusing Hines Ward of a cheap shot on the first play Sunday night saying Ward led with his helmet. In truth it looks like he tripped and you can see the still shot below.

Hines Ward Ed Reed

  • Brian Jolliffe

    Am I the only one wondering why one of the best, toughest, 2 play-off contending teams was not chosen by the NFL network as one of the replay games? Is it my bias or does the NFL (Roger Goodell) have something against the Steelers? Bears-Lions, Colts-Cowboys, Bucs-Falcons, Saints-Bengals, sure these were all close games even though they shouldn’t have been. It seems to me like an NFL business decision to take the defense out of games? I’m just curious if my frustration is something felt by SteelerNation or am I just paranoid? (my wife thinks it’s the latter.)