Steelers Workout Former WVU Wide Receiver Wes Lyons

The Steelers continued their Tuesday workout of free agent players today by working out former West Virginia University wide receiver Wes Lyons today. Lyons is a tall 6\’8 receiver that had multiple injury problems while in college and never caught a touchdown pass in his career. He finished his college career at WVU with 42 catches for 517 yards. Quite disappointing numbers for a player compared to the late Chris Henry. The workout was merely a chance for the Steelers to look at Lyons as a possible offseason body to bring in as they looked at two other receivers last week in the form of Andy Fantuz and Markee White.

  • David Howey

    Why workout a wide receiver when more help is needed at corner, safety, or offensive line.

  • Dave Bryan

    These are MERELY tryouts David for 2nd tier bodies to have for the offseason. Any guy signed following the season leading up to the draft and free agency will be VERY hard pressed to make the 53 man 2011 team. These guys are not playing for a reason.



  • royce”real Steel man”

    I’ve been a Steelman for over 33 yrs. I’ve supported them in good times and in bad. I huge complaint of the Steelers is coach Tomlin.(keep in mind I’m a black male) Coach Tomlin has no real motivation. He’s a political guy. He sounds good during press conferences he speaks well, but when you really listen to him, he basically speak the same old tune every press conference. When viewing him from the sidelines in games where we are not making it happen on offense, Tomlin seems to be lost in what’s going on in the game. He has no clue on how to beat the better teams of the AFC and the players motivation during a hard fought games is not there. They really could use Coach Cowher back. No one motivated the Steelmen like he did. Tomlin constanltly get’s out coached by good teams. Although we’re winning he needs to go…..out.


    Tomlin = 2 super bowl rings

    Cowher = 1 super bowl ring (took forever)


    Well, I thought he’d have two by now. Next year.

  • Bebopdad

    I have to disagree, they almost won it all last year!

  • Tooltlewis

    i do not think we need any more corners since we have ike, gay, mcfadden, butler, lewis, brown, and the last one from cinadal or where ever in florida. Im pretty sure only two or three corners will ever be on the field at once and as all steeler fans know we dont do the free agency dance so we just gotta hope someone steps up

  • Tooltlewis

    what do you think more undrafted free agent bodies will do at corner???? shouldnt ever second guess colbert and friends…….

  • Tooltlewis

    I couldnt disagree more with you. Coach tomlin may be one of the greatest coaches of this decade. Period. He does the “fancy talk” for the press so he doesnt reveal anything to the opponents. Also what better teams in the AFC?????? We were the best in the afc last year correct? As much as we all miss the spitting mouth of cowher I will say i wouldnt want any other coach to replace Mike. Also its to note that Mike has had a better start that Cowher and is also following the steeler motto of drafting excellent players