2010 Playoffs

Aaron Rodgers Playoff Passing Stats Against Pass Rushers

I thought it would be fun to look at Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers passing stats in the 3 playoff games against different types of rushes. I have the overall totals in the first table and then each game broken down by each time he dropped back in order that it happened. I also logged the scrambles as well as the plays that resulted in a penalty on either the offense and defense. In addition I logged whether or not the opposing team blitzed and the personnel that was blitzing.

The numbers are pretty much what you would expect from Rodgers. When teams have only rushed 3 and 4 pass rushers, they only sacked him 3 times on 60 drop backs. He also scrambled on another 3. 5 of his 6 playoff touchdown passes have come against 4 man rushes and his numbers are quite good as you can see.

Against the blitz, Rodgers has fared pretty well with a 8.2 YPA. 2 of the 5 sacks he suffered came against the blitz and 3 of his 6 scrambles also came against the blitz. Rushing 6 though seemed to do the trick against Rodgers as that is where his stats suffered. I only logged 10 times that happening and he was sacked once and two other plays there were penalties.

By watching the tape, it is obvious the Steelers must get constant pressure on Rodgers and it would be advisable to disguise it as best as possible. Merely rushing 3 and 4 men against Rodgers has not done the trick thus far. Rodgers must be pressured and kept in he pocket as he can make plays with his legs just as easy and is good at ducking and side stepping the pass rush.

Playoff Totals
3 man rush667712.800000
4 man rush54405009.335135
5 man rush24171817.511022
6 man rush71121.710102
7 man rush222010.000010
3 man rush0000.000000
4 man rush17131357.913001
5 man rush74395.610000
6 man rush2000.000001
7 man rush1166.000010
QB Position# Pass RushersResultReceiverDefenderBlitz
Under4 man rush15 yardsQuarlessColemanNo
Under4 man rush12 yardsDriverColemanNo
Under5 man rushIncompleteNelsonPattersonYes 1 LB
Shotgun6 man rushIncompleteJenningsSamuelYes 1 LB 1 DB
Under4 man rushIncompleteJenningsHansonNo
Shotgun6 man rushDefensive OffsidesQuarlessSimsYes 2 LB
Under5 man rush8 yardsStarksSimsNo
Shotgun4 man rush1 yardStarksChaneyNo
Shotgun4 man rush9 yardsKuhnChaneyNo
Under4 man rush7 yards TDCrabtreeSamuelNo
Under5 man rush8 yardsKuhnChaneyYes 1 LB
Under4 man rush4 yardsJohnsonSimsNo
Shotgun4 man rush7 yardsDriverHansonNo
Shotgun4 man rush8 yardsJenningsPattersonYes 1 DB
Shotgun7 man rushScrambleN/AN/AYes 2 LB 1 DB
Shotgun4 man rush9 yards TDJonesSamuelNo
Shotgun6 man rushIncompleteQuarlessMikellYes 2 LB
Shotgun5 man rush12 yardsQuarlessChaneyYes 1 LB
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteJonesSamuelYes 1 DB
Shotgun4 man rush11 yardsJacksonTappNo
Under5 man rushIncompleteDriverColemanNo
Shotgun4 man rushSackN/AN/ANo
Shotgun7 man rush6 yardsDriverPattersonYes 2 LB 1 DB
Shotgun5 man rushIncompleteJenningsPattersonYes 1 LB
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteDriverHansonYes 1 LB
Shotgun4 man rush20 yardsDriverChaneyNo
Under4 man rush16 yardsKuhnSimsNo
Under4 man rushHoldingN/AN/ANo
Shotgun4 man rush16 yards TDJacksonSimsNo
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteJenningsSamuelNo
Shotgun5 man rush11 yardsDriverColemanYes 2 LB 1 DB
Shotgun5 man rushSackN/AN/AYes 1 LB
3 man rush556813.600000
4 man rush171417110.122012
5 man rush11101019.201010
6 man rush21126.000001
7 man rush111414.000000
QB Position# Pass RushersResultReceiverDefenderBlitz
Shotgun5 man rushIncompleteJacksonAbrahamYes 1 LB 1 DB
Shotgun4 man rush30 yardsJenningsNicholasYes 1Lb
Under4 man rushDefensive OffsidesDriverGrimesNo
Under5 man rush7 yardsKuhnGrimesNo
Shotgun4 man rush2 yardsDriverOwensNo
Shotgun3 man rush18 yardsJenningsOwensNo
Shotgun4 man rush5 yardsDriverRobinsonNo
Shotgun3 man rush2 yardsJenningsGrimesNo
Shotgun3 man rush8 yardsNelsonWeatherspoonNo
Shotgun4 man rush6 yards TDNelsonRobinsonNo
Under4 man rush6 yardsJenningsRobinsonNo
Shotgun4 man rush24 yardsDriverOwensNo
Under6 man rush12 yardsJenningsRobinsonYes 1 LB 1 DB
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteJacksonLoftonNo
Shotgun4 man rush34 yardsJonesOwensYes 1 LB 1 DB
Shotgun4 man rush6 yardsJonesGrimesNo
Under4 man rushIllegal ContactN/AN/ANo
Shotgun6 man rushPass InterferenceDriverOwensYes 2 LB
Shotgun5 man rush6 yardsQuarlessWeatherspoonYes 1 LB 1 DB
Shotgun5 man rushScrambleN/AN/AYes 1 LB 1 DB
Shotgun3 man rush20 yardsJenningsRobinsonNo
Shotgun5 man rush8 yardsQuarlessMooreNo
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteJenningsOwensNo
Shotgun3 man rush20 yardsDriverColemanNo
Shotgun4 man rush20 yards TDJonesGrimesNo
Under4 man rushSackN/AN/ANo
Shotgun4 man rush7 yardsJenningsGrimesNo
Shotgun5 man rush15 yardsJonesRobinsonYes 1 LB
Under5 man rush9 yardsNelsonGrimesYes 1 DB
Under4 man rushIncompleteLeeNicholasNo
Shotgun7 man rush14 yardsNelsonGrimesYes 2 LB 1 DB
Shotgun4 man rush11 yardsNelsonMooreNo
Under4 man rushScramble TDN/AN/ANo
Under4 man rush3 yardsDriverRobinsonNo
Shotgun4 man rush8 yardsNelsonOwensNo
Shotgun5 man rush22 yardsDriverOwensYes 1 LB
Under5 man rush7 yards TDKuhnLoftonNo
Under6 man rushIncompleteJenningsGrimesYes 1 LB 1 DB
Shotgun5 man rush7 yardsJacksonGrimesNo
Under5 man rush14 yardsNelsonGrimesYes 1 DB
Under5 man rush6 yardsJenningsOwensYes 1 DB
Shotgun4 man rush9 yardsNelsonLoftonYes 1 LB
Shotgun4 man rushSackN/AN/ANo
3 man rush1199.000000
4 man rush20131949.700122
5 man rush63416.800012
6 man rush3000.010100
QB Position# Pass RushersResultReceiverDefenderBlitz
Under4 man rush22 yardsJenningsHarrisNo
Under4 man rush26 yardsJenningsJenningsNo
Shotgun4 man rush6 yardsStarksMooreNo
Under4 man rush22 yardsNelsonJenningsNo
Shotgun4 man rush10 yardsJonesJenningsNo
Under6 man rushIncompleteJenningsTillmanYes 2 LB
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteNelsonJenningsNo
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteKuhnIdonijeNo
Under4 man rush21 yardsJenningsTillmanNo
Shotgun6 man rushSackN/AN/AYes 2 LB
Shotgun4 man rush16 yardsJacksonUrlacherNo
Under5 man rush15 yardsNelsonMooreYes 1 LB
Under4 man rushScrambleN/AN/ANo
Shotgun4 man rush9 yardsJenningsMooreNo
Shotgun5 man rushScrambleN/AN/AYes 1 LB
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteJenningsJenningsNo
Shotgun3 man rush9 yardsDriverMooreNo
Shotgun6 man rushInterceptedDriverBriggsYes 1 LB 1 DB
Under5 man rushIncompleteJenningsTillmanYes 1 LB
Shotgun4 man rush21 yardsNelsonBriggsYes 1 DB
Under5 man rush20 yardsJenningsJenningsYes 1 LB
Shotgun4 man rushPass InterferenceJonesJenningsNo
Under6 man rushIncompleteDriverJenningsYes 2 LB
Shotgun4 man rushInterceptedDriverBriggsNo
Shotgun4 man rush1 yardJenningsJenningsNo
Shotgun4 man rush22 yardsJenningsJenningsNo
Shotgun4 man rushHoldingN/AN/ANo
Shotgun4 man rush9 yardsNelsonJenningsNo
Shotgun5 man rushIncompleteDriverTillmanYes 1 DB
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteQuarlessMooreNo
Under5 man rushRoughingJenningsJenningsYes 1LB
Under5 man rushPass InterferenceDriverJenningsYes 1 LB
Under5 man rush6 yardsKuhnMooreYes 1 LB
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteQuarlessHarrisNo
Under4 man rushIncompleteQuarlessTillmanNo
Under4 man rush9 yardsJenningsTillmanNo
Under5 man rushIncompleteCrabtreeJenningsYes 1 LB
Shotgun4 man rushScrambleN/AN/ANo
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