2010 Playoffs

Ben Roethlisberger Against The Playoff Pass Rush Numbers

A few people asked me to compile the numbers versus the different number man pass rushes through the first two playoff games for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. I have these totaled and then broken down in order that they happened as well as they targeted receiver and defender.

Ben Roethlisberger Versus Ravens
3 man rush548116.2110
4 man rush159835.5410
5 man rush64528.7100
6 man rush62101.7000
QB Position# Pass RushersResultReceiverDefender
Shotgun4 man rush7 yardsBrownEllerbe
Shotgun5 man rush20 yardsWallaceCarr
Under5 man rushIncompleteMillerCarr
Shotgun4 man rushSackN/AN/A
Under5 man rushSackN/AN/A
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteWallaceWebb
Under4 man rushIncompleteWallaceLewis
Shotgun4 man rushSackN/AN/A
Under4 man rush13 yardsMillerEllerbe
Shotgun4 man rush14 yardsSandersLandry
Shotgun4 man rush8 yardsMillerLandry
Shotgun6 man rush13 yardsSandersWebb
Under6 man rushIncompleteMillerLandry
Under6 man rushIncompleteWallaceReed
Shotgun3 man rush3 yardsWallaceCarr
Under5 man rush5 yardsWardLandry
Under4 man rush7 yardsMillerLewis
Shotgun6 man rush-3 yardsWallaceCarr
Shotgun4 man rushSackN/AN/A
Under4 man rush9 yards TDMillerCarr
Under5 man rush17 yardsSandersWilson
Under4 man rush10 yardsSandersWilson
Under4 man rushIncompleteSandersWilson
Shotgun3 man rushIncompleteRandle ElLandry
Under4 man rush13 yardsMendenhall#53
Under4 man rush2 yardsMillerCarr
Shotgun3 man rush8 yards TDWardCarr
Shotgun5 man rush10 yardsBrownCarr
Under4 man rushIncompleteWardWilson
Shotgun3 man rushSackN/AN/A
Shotgun4 man rushIncompleteSandersLewis
Under4 man rushIncompleteWallaceWilson
Under5 man rushIncompleteWallaceWebb
Shotgun3 man rush12 yardsWardNakamura
Under4 man rushSackN/AN/A
Shotgun6 man rushIncompleteSandersWilson
Shotgun3 man rush58 yardsBrownWebb
Under6 man rushIncompleteWardLandry
Ben Roethlisberger Versus Jets
3 man rush1000.0001
4 man rush11811310.3100
5 man rush3000.0100
6 man rush222010.0000
7 man rush2000.0001
QB Position# Pass RushersResultReceiverDefender
Under4 man rush7 yardsWardHarris
Under4 man rushIncompleteSpaethScott
Shotgun6 man rush6 yardsWallaceCromartie
Under5 man rushIncompleteMillerSmith
Under4 man rush7 yardsWardHarris
Under4 man rush18 yardsMendenhallPool
Under4 man rushIncompleteMillerSmith
Under7 man rushInterceptionMendenhallThomas
Under5 man rushIncompleteWallaceRevis
Shotgun7 man rushIncompleteSandersRevis
Under4 man rushIncompleteWallaceColeman
Under4 man rush24 yardsMillerHarris
Shotgun4 man rush20 yardsSandersColeman
Under4 man rush14 yardsMendenhallHarris
Shotgun5 man rushIncompleteBrownWilson
Shotgun4 man rush9 yardsMooreSmith
Shotgun3 man rushInterceptionSandersPool
Under5 man rushSackN/AN/A
Shotgun4 man rushSackN/AN/A
Under6 man rush14 yardsMillerPool
Shotgun4 man rush14 yardsBrownHarris
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