Penalty Report & Officiating Crew For Saturday

By Michael Shouse

With the game rapidly approaching us on Saturday, I thought that this week we would take a look at the crew assigned to the Steelers game and look at the Penalty report of each team coming into the game. The crew assigned to this game is headed by Jeff Triplette who wears the number 42. Triplette is an interesting man, his job outside the game of football is Vice President for Risk Management at Duke Energy in Charlotte, NC. Triplette is also a retired Colonel in the Army reserves and was awarded the Bronze star for his actions in the Persian Gulf War. The rest of his crew shapes up like this

Umpire – #5 Jim Quirk
Head Linesman #22 Steve Stelljes
Line Judge #45 Jeff Seeman, son of famed NFL referee Jerry Seeman
Field Judge #11 Duke Carroll
Side Judge #78 Greg Meyer
Back Judge #12 Greg Steed

On the season Triplette and his crew are 4th in total penalties with 234 called and 198 accepted for 1,724 yards. That breaks down to an average of 114.9 yards per game. Of interest to Steelers fans Triplette has called 7 unnecessary roughness penalties this year for a total of 86 yards. On the season the Steelers have been called for unnecessary roughness 5 times for 75 yards. The Ravens have been whistled 3 times for 45 yards. Triplette however is tied for first in throwing personal foul penalties with 7 for 93 yards. On the season the Ravens have been whistled only once for a personal foul. The Steelers on the other hand have been called 3 times for a total of 15 yards. In Pass Interference Penalties Triplette is fifth with 17 calls totaling 309 yards. On the year the Steelers have been whistled 11 times for 139 yards. The Ravens have been whistled only 5 times for 64 yards. In another key stat offensive holding Triplette’s crew has called the second most offensive holding infractions with 53 calls for a whopping 471 yards. On the season the Steelers have been whistled 37 times for offensive holding for a total of 312 yards. The Ravens have been whistled 14 times for offensive holding for a total of 106 yards.

On False Start penalties Triplette’s crew is 8th with 39 calls for 194 yards. On the season the Steelers have been whistled for 15 false start penalties for 64 yards. The Ravens have been whistled for 28 false starts for 127 yards. False Start is the Ravens most frequent penalty; it is the Steelers second highest called penalty. This is but a snapshot of the most important penalties. The full penalty report for both teams will be at the end of the page for your own analysis.

So what to expect on Saturday? I expect a very closely officiated game by Triplette and his crews. Triplette is a lightning rod of controversy for some. He has whistled his fair share of bad and controversial calls. Hopefully we won’t have any of that on Saturday. I expect a close fought game with the Steelers pulling away at the end. This is the best rivalry going on right now and I expect nothing less than a tough and physical match up. But then again that’s how the game is supposed to be played. Enjoy the game everyone and until next time. Here we go Steelers!!!!

Ravens 2010 Regular Season Penalties
Nullified Yards

First Downs
Stalled Drive
False Start2811270011
Offensive Holding1431067103
Defensive Offside9235000
Delay of Game6030002
Defensive Pass Interference5164040
Illegal Block Above the Waist51407900
Illegal Shift545001
Offensive Pass Interference42202001
Defensive Holding4210020
Roughing the Passer3045030
Unnecessary Roughness3045011
Illegal Contact3110020
Illegal Formation31101300
Face Mask (15 Yards)2028010
Horse Collar Tackle1015010
Unsportsmanlike Conduct1013001
Personal Foul1010000
Illegal Motion105001
Ineligible Downfield Kick105000
Neutral Zone Infraction105010
Offensive 12 On-field105001
Offside on Free Kick105000
Illegal Use of Hands110000

Steelers 2010 Regular Season Penalties
Nullified YardsFirst DownsStalled Drive
Offensive Holding375312290011
False Start15164005
Defensive Pass Interference1111390100
Defensive Offside8325020
Illegal Formation84201702
Roughing the Passer6090050
Unnecessary Roughness5075030
Defensive Holding4115030
Illegal Block Above the Waist3117000
Personal Foul3215001
Offside on Free Kick325000
Face Mask (15 Yards)2030010
Delay of Game2010001
Illegal Contact2010020
Player Out of Bounds on Punt215000
Unsportsmanlike Conduct1015001
Offensive Pass Interference1010001
Illegal Forward Pass105000
Illegal Shift105000
Illegal Touch Kick105000
Illegal Use of Hands105010
Ineligible Downfield Kick105000
Neutral Zone Infraction105010
Defensive 12 On-field110000
Ineligible Downfield Pass110000

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