Steelers 2010 Interception Analysis & Breakdown

I was asked by a reader earlier to do a breakdown of the Steelers interceptions like the one I did on the sacks allowed this year. I had the links handy and believe it or not, Steelers quarterbacks have only thrown 9 total interceptions this year with Ben Roethlisberger only throwing 5 of the 9. In addition the 1 interception intended for Antwaan Randle El hit him in the hands and was very catch-able. Roethlisberger has not thrown a pick since the week 10 Ravens game either. He also has only has thrown 1 pick in the redzone. Much like the sack breakdown, we have included the down and distance, personnel package and time in the game for reference. You can click on the links to see a replay of the play on as well.

Steelers 2010 Interception Analysis & Breakdown

Int#/Game# Down/Dist Quarter/Time Personnel Quarterback Intended For Interceptor
1/1 Falcons 2-6-ATL 35 2nd/4:41 22 D.Dixon H.Miller M.Peterson
2/3 Buccaneers 2-7-PIT 17 1st/14:20 21 C.Batch H.Ward A.Talib
3/3 Buccaneers 3-4-TB 32 4th/6:10 S10 C.Batch M.Wallace Q.Black
4/4 Ravens 1-10-PIT 15 4th/0:28 S11 C.Batch H.Ward R.Lewis
5/5 Browns 3-4-CLV 14 1st/6:26 S20 B.Roethlisberger M.Moore J.Haden
6/7 Saints 1-10-PIT 44 4th/1:50 S11 B.Roethlisberger M.Wallace L.Torrence
7/8 Bengals 2-7-PIT 35 4th/10:14 22 B.Roethlisberger H.Miller R.Williams
8/9 Patriots 1-10-PIT 23 4th/8:42 S11 B.Roethlisberger A.Randle El J.Sanders
9/12 Ravens 2-10-BAL45 2nd/10:00 S1 B.Roethlisberger A.Brown J.Wilson
Intended For #
M.Wallace 2
H.Ward 2
H.Miller 2
M.Moore 1
A.Randle El 1
A.Brown 1
Down #
1st 3
2nd 4
3rd 2
4th 0
Quarter #
1st 2
2nd 2
3rd 0
4th 5
  • Dunbar

    Thanks for doing these. It just goes to show that Ben does not force the ball and certainly shoes the receivers are doing their part to get open as well. I wonder how much it helped that he worked with a personal QB coach while suspended and if he will keep the same regimate now as well.

  • Cory

    This is a truly amazing performence this year by BB and he has done this with a fairly young receiving group and also was not allowed to practice with them the 1st quarter of the season. Thank you for puting this together.