2010 Playoffs

Steelers Packers Explosive Play Stats Breakdown

The legendary coach Bill Walsh wrote in his book, Finding The Winning Edge, that a team needs to generate explosive plays to gain an advantage over their opponent. Walsh described an explosive play as any offensive play that gains 20 or more yards. At the time Walsh wrote that the current stats at the time showed that teams that had a two or more explosive plays than their opponent did, won the game 80-85 percent of the time.

In the tables below, I have broken down both the Steelers and Packers explosive plays by week and by run and pass for both the offense and defense. You will also see the + and – for that game. Through the regular season, you see the Steelers went 9-2 when they had the 2 more explosive play advantage that Walsh speaks of in his book. The Packers were 3-2 using that same stats. On the flip side though, the Packers went 3-1 when they lost in that stat by 2 or more. This is really shocking and the Packers were -2 to the Eagles in the Wild Card round as well and won. Both teams where a game over .500 in the regular season in games that they were in the +1 to -1 range.

Lastly the Steelers where only in the minus column just once and that was against the Browns in week 6 following the bye week. 3 of th6 explosive plays the Browns had in that game came late in the 4th quarter when the game was out of reach. It should also be noted that the Steelers defense has allowed just 3 explosive running plays through all of the season and including the two games played so far in the playoffs.

In closing, the explosive plays do include plays that had penalties tacked on to them. There were not many for or against either the Packers and the Steelers, but it should be noted just the same.

Regular Season

Teams+2 or more+1 to -1-2 or more


Teams+2 or more+1 to -1-2 or more

Explosive Play Stats 20 Yards Or More

Steelers 20 Yards + PlaysOffenseDefense
Week 1Falcons415202+3W 15-9
Week 2Titans0222020W 19-11
Week 3Buccaneers325404+1W 38-13
Week 4Ravens2022020L 17-14
Week 6Browns516606-1W 28-10
Week 7Dolphins606303+3W 23-22
Week 8Saints2133030L 20-10
Week 9Bengals325303+2W 27-21
Week 10Patriots617303+4L 39-26
Week 11Raiders516112+4W 35-3
Week 12Bills314101+3W 19-16
Week 13Ravens404202+2W 13-10
Week 14Bengals606202+4W 23-7
Week 15Jets224112+2L 22-17
Week 16Panthers527000+7W 27-3
Week 17Browns505303+2W 41-9
TotalReg Season61167738240+37N/A
DivisionalRavens202101+1W 31-24
ChampionshipJets2132130W 24-19
Packers 20 Yards + PlaysOffenseDefense
Week 1Eagles202224-2W 27-20
Week 2Bills505101+4W 34-7
Week 3Bears303404-1L 20-17
Week 4Lions202415-3W 28-26
Week 5Redskins4155050L 16-13
Week 6Dolphins505202+3L 23-20
Week 7Vikings404415-1W 28-24
Week 8Jets112415-3W 9-0
Week 9Cowboys415202+3W 45-7
Week 11Vikings404213+1W 31-3
Week 12Falcons505112+3L 20-17
Week 1349ers4044040W 34-16
Week 14Lions202101+1L 7-3
Week 15Patriots101213-2L 31-27
Week 16Giants808505+3W 45-17
Week 17Bears4042240W 10-3
TotalReg Season58361451055+6N/A
Wild CardEagles112404-2W 21-16
DivisionalFalcons606202+4W 48-21
ChampionshipBears718404+4W 21-14

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