James Farrior Super Bowl XLV Post Game Press Conference

(on losing the Super Bowl) “I am very disappointed. We made too many mistakes. When you are playing in the Super Bowl, you are playing against a good team. You can’t make mistakes.”

(on whether he thought Ben Roethlisberger would bring them back) “I expected him to bring us down and get a touchdown. He has done it plenty of times. I have all the confidence in the world in him.”

(on if the Packers did anything that confused the defense) “We just didn’t execute correctly.”

(on the Green Bay offense) “Those guys made plays and that is the bottom line.”

(on his thoughts about the game) “It was a six point ballgame. We scored on a couple of possessions. We felt like we made a couple of mistakes out there today. We left a lot of plays out there on the field. That is the way that it goes.”

(on coming back from an early deficit) “We felt like we had the game under control. We felt like our offense was going good. Our defense was going to stop them, and we thought we had a little bit of momentum going. They made some plays, and we didn’t execute. They did a better job than us.”

(on the touchdown catch by Jordy Nelson) “I should have been on the guy. I should have been on him the whole way.”

(on the touchdown throw by Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson) “It was a good throw, but I helped him out a little bit by trying to jam him.”

(on the chance of returning to the Super Bowl next season) “I think so. I love this group. I think it is a heck of a group. There is a lot more football left in us. We just have to stay together. Hopefully, everything works out in the offseason and we get back here next season.”

  • david p

    Rodgers made Ben look like a rookie. Most of Rodger’s passes were on the money. Ben’s were consistantly high.He has no finess. He tries to throw bullets at his receivers instead of leading them down field.All season he has underthrown Wallace. He and the receivers were not on the same page at times(lack of practice and to many late nights?????).Where were the short routes or someone to dump off a pass to when in trouble?When is Arians going to be fired for his stupid play calling? They ran the ball effectively and quit.
    The offensive line did a great job especially without three starters.
    Where was Harrison and Troy on defense? It seems as though Troy played very deep and wasn’t involved in much.Is he still injured? Harrison seemed to be dropping back in pass protection rather than rushing. When he rushed he sacked Rodgers. I saw Keisel staying at home on the line and not rushing at all. Why????
    Hopefully next year the Steelers will have a new and better offensive coordinator and Ben will work on his timing with Wallace and the other receivers and the defense will tighten up more.
    Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!

  • B J

    Lifetime Steeler fan here… I feel badly that the team/franchise lost the superbowl. I don’t however feel bad that Roethlisberger lost the superbowl.
    Hopefully this piece of humble pie will stick with him… he has had too much early success and it obviously has gotten to his head.
    I agree with previous posts that he needs to take his overall fitness and also his position with his team more seriously. Learn how to drop back and throw a timed pass once in a while instead of the pump, pump, scramble every time.
    Love the Steelers but getting bored with Big Ben.

  • wayne

    david you are right on point and one thing we need to get a real kicker. BLACK and GOLD forever