2011 Steelers Mock Draft 2.0

It has been about a month since I released my 2011 Steelers Mock Draft 1.0 and it is now time for version 2 of the mock draft after some of the pro days have been completed and I have had more time to look at the draft hopefuls more in depth. A few of the names have changed, while my overall number one pick of Derek Sherrod has not. Also a carry over from my first mock is Notre Dame nose tackle Ian Williams and Richmond cornerback Justin Rogers. Onward we go. I will likely do a few more of these as more of the pre-draft visits take place.

Round 1: T Derek Sherrod (Mississippi State) – Depending on what ranking list you look at, Sherrod still ranks as either the 4th or 5th best tackle in this years draft class of tackles. It remains very likely he will still be on the board should the Steelers stay put at the #31 slot and I think the need out weighs the best player available this year in round 1. I have had him as the Steelers first round selection since the 2010 season ended and have watched quite a bit of film on him since then. I think he fits what the Steelers look for in a tackle and he remains my number one pick in this 2nd mock draft. I could see the Steelers drafting a corner here, but feel the cornerback talent in this years draft is much deeper than the tackle class and the Steelers will opt to go tackle here.

6053 321 35 3/8 11 5.20 23 28.0 8\’1″ 4.63 7.43

Round 2: CB Curtis Brown (Texas)Aaron Williams is the most talked about Texas cornerback in the draft , but Brown might better fit what the Steelers need for their system. There are also questions of whether or not Williams best fits as a safety or not at the next level. Brown has the size and speed for an outside position and has great leaping ability. As a converted wide receiver he has decent hands and is regarded as a pretty good tackler. Brown played special teams while at Texas and that will help him contribute early as a rookie. It is debatable if he last until the Steelers 2nd round slot, but I would not rule out the Steelers moving up a few spots to grab him either.

5115 185 32 1/4 9 1/2 4.53 10 39.5 10\’8″ 4.00 6.59

Round 3: TE Lance Kendricks (Wisconsin) – The Steelers need to upgrade their number 2 tight end position and Kendricks skill set best fits what the Steelers look for in a tight end/h-back. He is a much bigger threat in the passing game than Matt Spaeth or David Johnson in my opinion, but will need to work some on his in-line blocking as he lacks the prototypical size that say Spaeth or starter Heath Miller bring to the table.

6027 243 32 9 5/8 4.75 25 34.5 10\’2″ 4.15 6.94

Round 4: NT Ian Williams (Notre Dame) – I still like the prospects of Wiliams as a good eventual heir apparent to Casey Hampton at nose tackle. If drafted, he will be asked to sit and learn behind Hampton and perhaps even Chris Hoke if he is re-signed. I think the Steelers will once again have the luxury to carry three big body inside guys should Hoke return as Hoke also has shown his versatility to fill in a few snaps on the end when needed. It still could be questioned and debatable whether or not the Steelers need to draft their future nose tackle in this draft or wait until next year, but I like his value here just the same.

6012 319 32 9 1/2 5.25 31 28.5 8\’2″ 4.78 DNP

Round 5: ILB Nate Irving (North Carolina State) – Feast or famine pick as he appears to have all the tools to be an inside linebacker at the next level. High motor guy with great instincts and good vision. Did not work out at the combine.

6010 240 33 1/4 10 1/4 DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP DNP

Round 6: CB Justin Rogers (Richmond) – I still like Rogers in this spot as the 2nd corner the Steelers could draft on draft day. He could be a future nickel back at the next level with his keen awareness in zone coverages. Gets good position on receivers and shows willingness to tackle in run support. Was also a kick returner at Richmond so he has that versatility the Steelers covet as well.

6004 180 31 3/8 8 1/4 4.5 14 33 9\’6″ 4.20 7.21

Round 7: G Andrew Jackson (Fresno State) – Could be a late round round steal as far as interior linemen go, but will need quite a bit of coaching and will also need to bulk up and had some strength. Scouts say his footwork and down field blocking must improve as well. Offensive line coach Sean Kugler could be just what this young guard needs.

6050 299 32 1/2 10 1/4 5.38 25 28.0 8\’2″ 4.65 7.55

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • Jared Coglietta

    i agree with all of the above BUT do you think Kenricks can really fall to the third round? seems to me he is the best TE in the draft…

  • Jared Coglietta


  • Dave Bryan

    Could be close, I think he last to late 3rd though.

  • Jason

    I have to kindly disagree with your mock. To begin, Sherrod will be gone, probably to the Ravens. Brown doesnt fall to 63, and if the CBA isnt done- meaning no UFA picks- we arent trading up fro anybody. Without UFA picks the 7 we have are even more valuable. Also, Coach Tomlin had 12 chances to draft a NT last season (2010 draft LOADED with NT) and he didnt. Please take a look at all of the defensive players he has drafted and see how they can fit into a 34 D, but are BEST suited for a 43/Tampa 2 D. So the Ian WIlliams pick isnt happening. Also note the DL we interviewed at the combine- Jarvis Jenkins. Hes a 43 DE/DT that can play 34DE, but is best suited for 43 D (imagine him and Ziggy lined up inside a 43 front. Nice). And finally, the top 10 teams all need QB, but naturally they all wont go QB in the first top 10 spots. Therefore (and this has recently been verified by Mike Mayock, Path to the Draft, Pat Kirwin, NFL Sirius radio, etc) those teams that do not draft a QB in the top 10 picks will be forced to aggressively trade back into the bottom of the 1st round. Their primary target will be the Pats at 28 (they also have the 33rd pick). However, because there are 10 teams that need QB and only 3-5 QBs that could be realistic “reaches” in the 1st round, they have to out trade one another- bringing them to us at 31. My original trade partner was AZ, but further review of my full 3 round mock shows the Titans being another, maybe more viable option. They would then have their choice of Mallett or Ponder, even possibly Dalton. With that said, I am now 85-90% sure that my mock with us trading down with the Titans is very realistic. Steelers trade 31 and 193 (1st & 6th) to the Titans for their 39, 109, and 142 (1st, 4th (they have a 4th rd comp to lean on) and 5th). Here is my mock:

    39 Curtis Brown CB Texas
    63 Jarvis Jenkins DE/DT Clemson (Here is another Ziggy Hood. He can play 34 DE but is evenbetter suited in a 43 D)
    95 Marcus Gilbert, OT/OG Florida (were not drafting Mike Pouncey, but getting a guy that played alongside Maurkice for 3 years and he can play OT and OG- SOLID.)
    109 Kelvin Sheppard, ILB LSU (Tomlin went to the LSU pro day. All of his drafts but 1 had at least 2 LBs in it. Sly is great on sp. teams, but I dont think hes the heir to Farrior)
    128 Cortez Allen, CB Citadel (Tomlin sees the 2ndary needs an overhaul, and the potential loss of Ike and Gay (bye Gay) all but requires 2 DBs)
    142 Austin Pettis, WR Boise State (Hines isnt gonna be here forever, and El was mediorce at best. All 3 WRs weve drafted are speed guys, we need a solid possession guy. Pettis is a combo of Hines & El. He’s possession WR, run blocks with a force, and he does trick plays too. And he makes Ben happy as hes 6’3.)
    161 Julius Thomas, TE Portland State (Here is the converted basketball player we sent our TE coach to work out. You have Kendricks in the 3rd but I think thats far too high for a backup TE. I read reviews that this is a strong kid, but unsure re: inline blocking. Id prefer Andre Smith Va tech (a black Heath) but Im not Tomlin)
    229 Bruce Thomas, OLB UCF (Here is the other LB needed for a Tomlin draft to be complete. The loss of Gibson all but requires another OLB, and this kid is a converted DE that led the NCAA in sacks in 2010. He has a constant motor.)

    UFAS (if CBA is done and allowed to sign them)- Andrew Jackson, OG/OT Fresno State, Lazarius Levingston, DE/DT LSU, Mario Fannin, HB Auburn, Jake Rogers K/P Cinninatti, TJ Yates, QB UNC

    Enjoy. Id love to get feedback. NOTE- I just saw this morning that Marcus Gilbert is coming in for a workout. Excellent news! Peace.

  • Dave Bryan

    You statement that we do not have a possession receiver behind Ward is VERY incorrect. Sanders is looking more than capable of being able to assume that role. also do not see them waiting until round 3 for a lineman. I can see one linebacker being taken, but not two in this draft. Bruce Thomas? Are you sure you do not mean Bruce Miller? I see the Jenkins pick as a HUGE reach there. Be well.

  • Jason

    yes, Bruce Miller. Typo. Sanders could in fact be a possession guy, but after those 3 guys, w/o Hines, theres nothing left. And Sanders has the speed to push the umbrella back. But other than Heath, there isnt anybody really worth covering in short/medium routes.

    As far as waiting till the 3rd round for OL- you need to read Tomlin and Comberts quotes. Both feel this draft is VERY DEEP at OT. They were also satisfied with how well the backups played last season, though see that we need to continue to make the oline better. The OL graded in the 2nd round are not Tomlin guys, ie Franklin (retarded) and Cannon (enormous Cowher type OL). Carpenter out of Alabama is a possibility, but getting a guy that our pro bowl OC played with is hands down better than anybody in the 2nd or 3rd round. Just watch.

  • Vic

    I like what I see but there is one name that is missing from this draft and it’s someone you guys don’t know about.He is a Nose Tackle form Alabama A&M and his name is Frank Kearse.You probably don’t anything about him but when his pro day came up the Steelers were the only team to come see him and you know what they like what they see. So keep an eye on him as he may go somewhere from the middle of the 5th to 6th round pick.Plus for the record they don’t need a WR because where does fit on the mian roster.The starting 5 WR’s are:Ward,Wallace,Sanders,Brown and Randle El despite what has been said about him.Lay off the WR talk I mean my god why does everybody feel that ward can’t much longer.Ward can still go it was just the concussion he took just killed his season.Just go ahead and look at the guy from Alabama A&M I think you will like him.

  • Dave Bryan

    Not aware of him? What do you mean? I posted about him right after his Pro Day right here: http://www.steelersdepot.com/2011/03/steelers-six-from-around-the-web-wednesday-march-9th-pharaoh-sacked-in-an-elevator-edition/

    Also I defended the play of Ward right here just today:

    WAKE UP & read here more! lol

  • Vic

    Not you man.Jason was the guy who posted the comment about drafting a WR.But for me why. What is it going to accomplish.Now i have seen a lot of mock drafts and I don’t want a corner in the 1st because OL and DL are more important at this point.If pouncey is there okay maybe they take him.Then there is also Sherrod,Watkins,Orlando Franklin,Gabe Carimi,Marcus Cannon,Rodney Hudson,Ben Ijalana,and Nate Solder as Offensive Linemen.Now as for the DL, there is Cam Jordan,Heyward,Phil Taylor,Jabal Sheard,Greg Romeus,Muhammad Wilkerson.Plus names like Cortez Allen and Brandon Harris.Taiwan Jones,Curtis Brown,Arron Williams so that is all the OL,DL and CB prospects I have heard of.Now as for TE there is Luke Stocker,Lance Kendricks and DJ Williams.So what do you think of my list and please tell me If I missed anybody.

  • smittyflash

    I agree with this mock draft….but (2) thingsD.Sherrod might not be there..I feel he is the best tackle in the draft and we will most definely have too move up in the 2nd to get C.Brown…if these two are not available,wishful thinking(character issues and all) the steelers should very strongly look at Jimmy Smith….at 31pick this would be worth the chance and Phil Taylor keeps popping in my mind some how to become a Pittsburgh Steelers some where in this draft.

  • Rob Henderson

    I like the way you think. You’ve nailed most of the people I want and a trade. Their are a few trades that can be made and bring these results. @ JAson
    Earlier comment was @ JAson

    I think sherrod is going to Indy or Balt.

  • Rob Henderson

    I can also see them trading with San Fran our 1 for Their 2nd #45, Both 4th 107 & 114 plus Left over points for rd 6 or 7 but I’d ask for T Gibson back(if CBA or side deal).

    I also see a later trade with Philly our 3rd for their 4th’s or 4th & 5ths.

  • Rob Henderson

    @ VIC we do need a possesion reciever other than Sanders. In the Super Bowl Sanders got hurt and they had to change the game plan and tried to make Wallace the possesion guy. Pettis would be Awesome. We also need a change of pace back/3rd down back and I know the perfect person who fixes those problems. As well as the WR issue. GREG LITTLE HE can do everything we need and saves a pick Plus he’s a returner.
    I mean Possession Receiver.

  • Vic

    No they do not.Why is that so hard for you or for that matter anybody else.There is “NO ROOM UNDER THE SALARY CAP”once it is reinstated.Here is the WR breakdown:Ward-Possesion,Wallace-Deep Threat and is going to catch passes over the middle, and as for Sanders and Brown there in the slot and will go deep,plus can run the short routes,Randle El-Same as Sanders and Brown so tell why is it that you believe they need another,and if you give me that Hines is to old I will stop you right there:Yes he is 36 but his production slowed down when he got hit in the head or have you forgotten about the patson that sunday night in Pittsburgh look it up you will see what I mean.

  • Dayne

    Derek Sherrod is the name that I hope gets called as pick 31 roles around! Am a Texas Longhorn fan too and agree Curtis Brown is a much better fit for our defense than Aaron Williams……If we do happen to like him and ensure he straps up in the Black & Gold next season we will have to defintly trade up!

    JW, have they even had discussions with Sherrod yet? Combine, Pro Day, or a scheduled visit? I mean to me he is a prototypical Steelers OT but if we have really worked the guy out and showed interest then Id say the chances of drafting him are slim, unfortunatly :(

  • Vic

    I can’t believe i am going to say this but I think this team may draft a Wide Reciever.Shocking,I know.But it kind of hit me today.If they draft one here are my options:Jon Baldwin,Austin Pettis,Denarius Moore,Gregory Salas,Leonard Hankerson,Greg Little,Tori Gurley,De Andre Brown,Lester Jean,Courtney Smith,Greg Ellingson,Chris Matthews and Armon Binns.Plus do not yell ate me for not put Torrey Smith of Maryland because I really feel that he won’t be there when we draft in the other rounds.so let me hear what you think of my choices.Again I know you guys will be shocked at this statement of what I just said here.

  • Dayne

    Vic, none of those guys will be BPA when we’re OTC Id put my money on that so I truly dont see us going WR in the first 2 rounds unless Jon Baldwin slipped to #63. ust cant pass up on that value. I hope we do draft another WR but not if he isnt over 6’3″. I love our WR corp as of now and where its heading with Wallace, Sanders, and Brown but a big WR would in my eyes put it over the top! Austin Pettis and Greg Little are to big WRs who i would love for us to draft in rounds 3 or 4. Little has 1st round talent so in round 3 if he’s there at #95 he could very well be BPA on our boards. Pettis is just a clean, productive WR who wasnt falshy but solid. Both fit the bill so, IMO cant go wrong with either if the price is right. I agree with you we will draft a WR just not in rounds 1 or 2.

  • Vic

    With Pettis,he was catching passes from a left handed QB.Little,that’s hard to say since he was suspended last season.Bladwin is the best one and I will tell you why.His “attitude”can be workded if he is in the right system.He is Big and can stretch the field and if you desire he will run intermediate routes as well.but like i said before if it’s a big WR people will keep quiet.

  • Dayne

    I would love to get Baldwin in round 2 but wouldnt touch him in round 1. Far to many needs that we need to address right now: OT, DE, CB, NT, and OG. A big WR is a luxury but no doubt if Jon Baldwin is there at #63 we’ll pull the trigger. He’ll be BPA without a doubt.

  • Vic

    If say we make a few trades on day’s 2 and 3 for extra picks that is a bonus for us.I think with the first round pick it comes down to OL,DL and CB depending on what’s avaliable plus a catching TE might also come in handy for this offense and a speed back.Now I mentioned a RB and here is a couple of options Da’rel Scott,Derrick Locke,Noel Devine,Jacquizz Rogers,Taiwan Jones,Dion Lewis,Nic Grigsby,Armando Allen Jr,Donald Buckram.Now if you are wondering where I get these guys it’s walter Football.com

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