Players Steelers Met With At The 2011 NFL Combine

We have been able to compile a small list of players the Steelers met and had interviews with at the 2011 NFL Combine from sources like Steel City Insider, KFFL, Twitter, Facebook and various other blogs and media outlets. While this list should not serve for anything more than what it is and that is a list of reported meetings. The Steelers were permitted to meet with 60 players at the combine for 15 minutes at a time according to reports. Sort of like speed dating. Players were not obligated to reveal who they met with and many teams will ask that they not reveal it, but of course some players reveal it if asked. All NFL teams are permitted to visit with 30 college players in advance of the 2011 NFL Draft not counting players who are considered local to a particular team. This is often done at the teams offices.

Below is the small list with players combine results and stats along with links to their NFL profile page. I will update this list as more names leak out. You can see the full 2011 NFL Combine Results here.

Brandon FuscoOCSlippery Rock604030633 3/4105.212628.59\’0″4.437.29
Rodney HudsonOGFlorida St.602329932 1/29 3/85.312725.57\’11”4.968.03
Zach HurdOGConnecticut606631634 1/49 5/85.34DNP288\’5″4.777.73
Andrew JacksonOGFresno St.605029932 1/210 1/45.3825288\’2″4.657.55
Jason PinkstonOTPittsburgh60333173410 1/45.47DNP26.58\’2″4.917.88
Mike PounceyOCFlorida605030332 1/49 3/45.12DNP258\’0″4.647.66
Tyron SmithOTUSC605030736 3/811DNP29DNPDNPDNPDNP
Stefen WisniewskiOGPenn St.60303133310 3/85.263028.58\’4″4.637.51
Lee ZiembaOTAuburn6060317349 5/85.620297\’11”4.657.74
Lance KendricksTEWisconsin6027243329 5/84.752534.510\’2″6.9411.90
Luke StockerTETennessee6046258339 3/4
D.J. WilliamsTEArkansas602124531 1/210 3/84.672033.59\’3″7.2912.20
Noel DevineRBW.Virginia508017929 1/48 5/8DNP24DNPDNPDNPDNP
Brandon BurtonCBUtah511519031 1/28 1/24.5318329\’10”4.076.93
Rashad CarmichaelCBVirginia Tech510019231 3/494.5613319\’8″4.066.69
Johnny PatrickCBLouisville5105191308 1/4
Jarvis JenkinsDTClemson604031033 1/49 1/25.081726.58\’2″N/A7.42

  • Don

    Are those arm measurments “shirt sleeves”? Because if they are all but one of those guys over 6′ have some really short arms…

  • Dave Bryan

    Length of arm

  • steeler junkey

    It was reported on NFP that the Steelers also met with TE D.J. Smith at the combine

  • Dave Bryan

    Have not seen that. You mean D.J. Williams? He is already on the list. Have not seen a link for D.J. Smith.

  • Antoine

    The only issue that I have with some of the DB’s that the Steelers has met with are the fact that again these guys are 2nd tier type of DB’s and that was part of the reason why the Steelers lost the SB to the Packers. This is a pass happy league you gotta have DB’s that can run and that can cover and all of these guys aren’t that fast and can’t really run like that to me. I’ll go and do some more research on my own to find out what kind of players these guys are. Good work though.

  • Al

    If Pouncey is there, they should absolutely take him! Go get Asamougha (sp?) from the Raiders and bam, were back in action!

  • Dave Bryan

    I would strike Nnamdi Asomugha off your want list right now as that will not happen. Not the Steeler way of doing things. I also do not think Pouncey will last until #31. Hate be a buzz killer.

  • steeler junkey

    Sorry i had a senior moment . Yes I did mean Williams. I should have read your list better.
    I had read some where, but I can’t recall that they had met with 3 TEs Kendricks , Stocker and Wiliams all in seperate articles, seperate sites.

  • Maxwell

    The Steelers usually, don’t get big name free agents, but from time to time they do.

    Jerome Bettis
    Kevin Greene
    John L Williams
    Tim McKyer
    Norm Johnson

    Then you have the C list FAs:
    Will Allen
    Arez Battle
    Kent Grahm
    Tommy Maddox
    Flozell Adams
    Terance Mathis
    Solomon Wilcots
    Mike Tomczak
    Jonathan Hayes
    Fred McAfee
    Ray Seals
    Tim Lester
    Rohn Stark
    Alvoid Mays
    Tom Myslinski
    Will Wolford
    Courtney Hawkins
    Andre ColemanNolan Harrison
    Dewayne Washington
    Wayne Gandy
    Kimo von Oelhoffen
    Brent Alexander

  • dave

    When you’re picking 31 and you’re limited to 60 interviews, no need to waste your time talking to guys who will be long gone, like Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara…although from looking at that list, only the O-linemen are first rounders….then again, that list only shows 17 out of 60….so maybe they did interview Jimmy Smith, Brandon Harris, etc…

    It will be interesting to see the list of 30 players that visit the Southside in April..there are usually at least 1 or 2 of those guys who visit that get drafted or signed as undrafted free agents.

  • newstizzle

    anyone who thinks jerome bettis came to pittsburgh as a steeler needs to IMMEDIATELY turn in their black and gold allegiance.
    know your teams history

  • newstizzle

    “as a steeler”
    right. nice work by me on that one

  • rickk

    steelers first three picks have to be o-line, db, and d-line. not in that particular order . people can forget about pouncey, he will be long gone. need 2 db, 1 o-lineman, 2 d-lineman, and 1 skill offensive player in this draft.