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Top 2010 NFL Cornerbacks NFL Combine Results Compared To 2011 Top CB Prospects

After every NFL Combine is over, everyone immediately starts looking to the combine results as a form of measurement of future success. We have seen time and time again how these numbers are often forced to hold too much water in measuring the potential success. With the Steelers certainly having a need at the cornerback position early in the 2011 NFL draft, I thought it would be good to research how the current top cornerbacks performed during their combine or pro days to sort of debunk just looking at these results.

I started by first looking at the top 20 all-around cornerbacks from 2010 based on their ratings at Pro Football Focus as they breakdown every aspect of their game. I highly suggest you subscribe. Taking these top 20 corners I then compiled their combine or pro day results as best as I could and noted the round the player was drafted in and by what team.

As you can see in the first sortable table below, 14 of the top 20 cornerbacks from 2010, using their rankings, were drafted in either the 1st or 2nd round with 10 of those 14 being 1st round selections. As far as 40 times go, only 1 of the corners that ran a documented 40 time of more than 4.50 was drafted in the 1st round and that was Joe Haden by the Browns just this past year. That is really not that earth shattering though that most top corners run fast. It ranks up there with water being wet. Also Haden seemed to have the worst recorded 3 cone time of all the corners on this list drafted in the 1st round. As far as vertical jumps go, they range from 30 all the way up to 39.5. Hard to put too much stock in that as a measure of success. The rest of the measurables are also a bit rangy and not decisive.

RankPlayer 2010 TeamDrafted HGTWGT 403 CONE 20 SJUMP VERT225
1Antoine WinfieldVikings1999 Round 1 (23)50851764.416.843.9510\’02”37.0DNP
2Champ BaileyBroncos1999 Round 1 (7)51161844.28DNP3.7910\’01”37.0DNP
3Brandon FlowersChiefs2008 Round 2 (35)50961894.55DNPDNP9\’09”30.014
4Ronde BarberBuccaneers1997 Round 3 (66)50931854.66N/AN/AN/A34.5N/A
5Josh WilsonRavens2007 Round 2 (55)50921894.397.074.4310\’00”36.5N/A
6Joe HadenBrowns2010 Round 1 (7)51061934.526.944.3410\’05”35.018
7Tramon WilliamsPackers2006 Undrafted51111944.576.954.2010\’07”37.513
8Sean SmithDolphins2009 Round 2 (61)60342144.506.924.159\’11”34.010
9Devin McCourtyPatriots2010 Round 1 (27)51061934.486.704.0710\’06”36.016
10Nate Clements49ers2001 Round 1 (21)51112094.37N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
11Brent GrimesFalcons2006 Undrafted50921774.577.134.2510\’01”33.5N/A
12Tim JenningsBears2006 Round 2 (62)50761854.32DNPDNP9\’09”37.517
13Antoine Cason
Chargers2008 Round 1 (27)60021914.45DNP4.0810\’08”35.520
14Vontae DavisDolphins2009 Round 1 (25)51112034.406.754.0710\’05”36.025
15Aqib TalibBuccaneers2008 Round 1 (20)60062024.446.824.2510\’11”38.010
16Brandon CarrChiefs2008 Round 5 (140)60012074.436.84.1910\’04”35.0DNP
17Jason McCourtyTitans2009 Round 6 (203)51031934.306.674.2510\’05”36.515
18Darrelle RevisJets2007 Round 1 (14)51142054.386.564.0810\’05”38.016
19D.J. MooreBears2009 Round 4 (119)50871924.567.014.289\’10”39.517
20Leon HallBengals 2007 Round 1 (18)51121934.396.504.0710\’05”37.515

For comparison purposes for those that like using combine results as a measuring stick of sorts, I have included what Rob Rang and company from CBS Sportsline views as solid 1st and 2nd round talents in 2011 at the cornerback position and their 2011 NFL Combine results that were recently registered. Do not put too much stock in the numbers and I only suggest using them as comparative purposes only. It is always better to look at these players and their full body of work on the field against some of the better competition they faced. Also it is advisable to watch the cornerbacks positional skill drills instead of focusing in so much on the measurables.

RankPlayer 2010 TeamDrafted HGTWGT 403 CONE 20 SJUMP VERT225
1Patrick PetersonLSUJunior60022194.346.584.071510\’06”38.0
2Prince AmukamaraNebraskaSenior60002064.436.974.081610\’08”38.0
3Jimmy SmithColoradoSenior60222114.466.934.062410\’03”36.0
4Brandon HarrisMiamiJunior50941914.536.774.12139\’05”35.5
5Aaron WilliamsTexasJunior51172044.566.724.071810\’07”37.5
6Curtis BrownTexasSenior51151854.536.594.001010\’08”39.5
7Davon HouseNew Mexico St.Senior60042004.506.654.12149\’01”33.5
8Brandon BurtonUtahJunior51151904.536.934.07189\’10”32.0
9Ras-I DowlingVirginiaSenior60131984.46DNPDNP19DNPDNP
10Chimdi ChekwaOhio St.Senior51161914.40DNPDNPDNP10\’06”34.5
11Johnny PatrickLouisvilleSenior51051914.59DNP4.16139\’02”32.0
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