Troy Polamalu Jersey Most Popular NFL Jersey Sold

Shop for Pittsburgh Steelers Gear at! announced today that Steelers safety Troy Polamalu No. 43 jersey was the top-selling NFL players jersey over the last fiscal year that runs from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011. In addition, the Steelers came in second in team merchandise sales during that same period of time and were beat out only by the Packers. Quarterback Brett Favre held the top selling jersey spot the year before, but fell to 14th place overall this year.

Polamalu has been extremely visible over the last year as he has been in quite a few Head and Shoulders commercials and very involved in TwitChange, a Twitter-based charity auction site which gives fans a chance to bid on an opportunity to interact with their favorite celebrities. In addition, his flowing black hair was insured for $1 million by Head and Shoulders through Lloyd\’s of London late last August

Polamalu is a model NFL player on and off the field and is a favorite of nearly everyone fan in Steeler Nation. It is not a surprise that his jersey was the number one seller and it is truly deserved. Congratulations to Troy.

  • Karol

    Troy Polamalu, Heinz Ward, and the Steelers are the best!. I never got into football until I met my husband (who, sorry to say is a Dallas fan) started explaining the game to me. I was from Michigan so did not really have a huge fan base for a football team because the Lions rarely won, I knew they (Lion’s)played on Thanksgiving though.
    When I saw my first Pittsburgh game and watched the great team work they all had, that was when they became MY team to root for.
    I have since moved to Arizona (2007) and the Steelers are still #1 for me. I caught a lot of heat for being a Steelers fan in Arizona in 2009 but held my ground that they would beat the Cardinals and they DID!
    Hope to see them this year as well.

  • al clments

    Hey Karol…love has got to be blind, you proved that by marrying a Dallas fan. Not many in the Steeler Nation like the Boys. Course at one time they were really great, but that was under Landry and they had some PLAYERS….now they but a shadow of themselves…put the blame of Jones.
    Troy is a model citizen, as are most of the Steelers.

  • spredluv1

    ^5 @ Karol!! It takes a wise person to know a great football squad! Welcome aboard! He can you do a dedicated steelers fan a favor? “Stick both thumbs in your ear…stick you tongue out at your hubby and wiggle your fingers…!