Video: Antonio Brown Working Out With Chad Ochocinco & Terrelle Pryor

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has been busy keeping in shape during the lockout by working out with Chad Ochocinco, Donte Stallworth and Plaxico Burress down in Miami and getting passes thrown to him by former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Pryor is gearing up in hopes he will be selected in the upcoming supplemental draft.

Pryor is also the latest to work out at USF with ESPN analyst Jon Gruden and threw passes to Bulls players this past Monday with the cameras rolling. Pryor’s work with Gruden will be the focus of the upcoming episode of Gruden’s QB Camp that will be airing June 30th on ESPN.

Below is a video of Brown working out with Ochocinco and Pryor and another video that teases the QB Camp episode as well.

  • VaDave

    If I were Art Rooney, I would be on the phone imeadiately to Brown to tell him to find some playmates of a better cut. Those are the last three people I’d want a young kid spending time with.

  • Graham

    Why should it matter who brown trains with?

  • VaDave

    What do we have here, two fellons, a kid barred from play in the NCAA, mixed in with a habitual malcontent. Absolutely nothing, nothing at all. If you spend the day in an outhouse, you’re going home smelling like a turd. Dig?

  • Andy…

    I’m with VaDave…you are known by those you hang with…and Antonio is hangin’ with the wrong guys. Somebody in a Black ‘n Gold uniform should have a talk with young Antonio or he may not remain a Steeler for long. And that would be too bad, both for the Steelers and for him. None of those guys are people that he should be trying to emulate.

  • BlackNGold4Life

    VaDave and Andy are right on the mark. Too many “good” people have learned to make poor choices by hanging around with the wrong crowd. If you want to be the best, learn from the best. If you want to know what good character and integrity look like, hang out with those who have already proved they have it. I see nothing in talent, character or integrity wise Brown can productively learn from this group…. This makes me wonder just where Brown’s head is.