2011 Steelers Final 53 Man Roster Prediction – Training Camp Edition

I was planning to wait until after the first preseason game to post my first 53 man roster, but I have already had several requests to do it now. As many know I was able to nail the 53 man roster last offseason after the final preseason game. Here is the way this works. I will update my prediction from here on out after every preseason game leading up to the final roster cuts. There will be 5 of these in all with this being the first. I will notate in each update why I added or removed a player so you can follow my train of thought. There is no way this first one will be right, but here we go.

Quite a few of these are no brainers as they are no-brainers. I believe there to be about 12-13 spots open on the roster to be had baring an injury. That could change in a hurry though.

Yes I know I have Chris Hoke and Greg Warren on my list and they are not currently under contract, but I can see them being signed back any time now. These could change if not signed by next prediction.

The first tough call is the 5th and 6th wide receiver spots. I am guessing they carry 6 and I currently have Arnaz Battle and Tyler Grisham in those spots for now as they are the most experienced in my opinion and Battle plays on special teams.

They next tough call is Baron Batch. I admit I have a soft spot for him, but I truly feel it is his spot to lose right now on the 53.

The next tough call is the 3rd tight end spot and Wesyle Saunders gets it by default right now as he fits the mold. Should a veteran be signed, this might change.

The last tough call is Keith Williams. I really think it is his spot to lose after the first few days of camp as a reserve guard.

On defense, Crezdon Butler and Will Allen are iffy. Allen could still be a salary cap dump, but for now he stays. Butler beats out Keenan Lewis right now for the time being. I have the Steelers keeping 6 cornerbacks.

Chris Carter and Mario Harvey are the next tough ones, but I think both can provide special teams help and fight weekly over who gets the helmet.

Remember this exercise is to mimic what 53 board the coaches have and I get four more shots at it. This 53 is bound to be off, but it will serve as my starting point.

2011 Steelers Final 53 Man Roster Prediction – Training Camp Edition

7 Roethlisberger, Ben QB
4 Leftwich, Byron QB
16 Batch, Charlie QB
34 Mendenhall, Rashard RB
20 Moore, Mewelde RB
33 Redman, Isaac RB
35 Batch, Baron RB
17 Wallace, Mike WR
86 Ward, Hines WR
88 Sanders, Emmanuel WR
84 Brown, Antonio WR
81 Battle, Arnaz WR
19 Grisham, Tyler WR
83 Miller, Heath TE
85 Johnson, David TE
44 Saunders, Wesyle TE
64 Legursky, Doug G/C
53 Pouncey, Maurkice C
68 Kemoeatu, Chris G
73 Foster, Ramon G
62 Williams, Keith G
65 Gilbert, Marcus T
72 Scott, Jonathan T
74 Colon, Willie T
61 Scott, Chris T
24 Taylor, Ike CB
20 McFadden, Bryant CB
22 Gay, William CB
28 Butler, Crezdon CB
39 Allen, Cortez CB
40 Brown, Curtis CB
43 Polamalu, Troy SS
25 Clark, Ryan FS
29 Mundy, Ryan FS
26 Allen, Will S
91 Smith, Aaron DE
95 Heyward, Cameron DE
96 Hood, Ziggy DE
99 Keisel, Brett DE
98 Hampton, Casey NT
76 Chris Hoke NT
92 Harrison, James OLB
94 Timmons, Lawrence ILB
51 Farrior, James ILB
56 Woodley, LaMarr OLB
97 Worilds, Jason OLB
55 Sylvester, Stevenson ILB
50 Foote, Larry ILB
44 Harvey, Mario ILB
54 Carter, Chris OLB
6 Suisham, Shaun K
9 Sepulveda, Daniel P
60 Warren, Greg LS

  • Slipt75

    Anyone here other then me think that Gay would make a better safety then corner? He known for blitzing and hitting ability, cant cover that great might be better in space…I personally would feel better about subbing Gay for Polumalu in a game (if he were hurt) then I would about putting Will Allan in there…anyone else have any thoughts?

  • SteelersDepot

    Doubt that happens.

  • Almontedavis

    I totally agree! !! Gay can hit but he cannot cover

  • Joe D

    I’d like to see Asante Samuel on the roster… give Philly McFadden for Asante… Cut Aaron Smith salary as well as others. Smith is going to be a backup by end of Sept.

    9 LB’s seems high…
    Who are your Special Team specialists… Tomlin hurt himself a few years back by not keeping some specialists… Perhaps an ST along with primary position.

  • Chads Place

    I was going to say that about Lewis and maybe he makes the team

  • I think Gay is best at the spot he’s in, which is nickel CB. When he’s out on an island on the edge of the field is where he has struggled in the past, but in the slot he seems to do very well. Safeties are safeties, not “less-good/slower CB’s”.

  • jpbucco

    I’ve got a feeling about Sweed.

  • John Stephens

    I have a good feeling Batch can beat out Moore. Also, I like the chances of Butler being #3 over Gay. I want Brown and Allen to beat out Lewis, but I have heard the latter has done pretty well in camp so far.

    I believe there is absolutely no way Grisham beats out Sweed. Unless, Sweed looks terrible (which I haven’t heard) there is no way that happens. Additionally, I think the Steelers could save money on Battle, who really is only a ST guy, if both Allen and Brown make the roster.

  • SteelersDepot

    The 5th & 6th spots as I said in the post will change and sort itself out very quick. Grisham is the obvious one out here but until Sweed gives me a reason to put him here, he is off the list. Gay is in no way safe on a 1 year deal and both Butler and Lewis very well indeed could make the roster as well. Like I said, this will be a 5 week series and is NOT my final shot. It is JUST a starting point.

  • SteelersDepot

    Just as I thought, Hoke has now been re-signed this morning. Warren next perhaps?

  • tyler beating out limas sweed if healthy?

  • John B

    i really hope Grisham makes the cut..i think he could be our mini Wes Welker

  • This is how I have it ending up.

    QB: Roethlisberger, Batch, Dixon
    RB: Mendenhall, Redman, Moore
    WR: Ward, Wallace, Sanders, Brown, Cotchery, Battle
    TE: Miller, Johnson, Saunders
    G: Kemoeatu, Malecki, Foster, Williams
    C: Pouncey, Legurski
    T: Colon, Essex, Gilbert, Scott J, Scott C
    DL: Hampton, Smith A, Kiesel, Hood, Heyward, Hoke, McClendon
    LB: Harrison, Woodley, Timmons, Farrior, Foote, Sylvester, Worilds
    CB: Taylor, McFadden, Lewis, Gay, Butler, Allen C, Allen W
    S: Polamalu, Clark, Mundy
    K: Suisham
    P: Sepulveda
    LS: Warren

    I might be completely off with both the OLs and DLs, and maybe swap one of the CBs with an S. I will be very unhappy if Saunders doesn’t make the team, especially after the game he had tonight.