Dennis Dixon Wants Opportunity To Start & Would Welcome A Trade

Steelers restricted free agent quarterback Dennis Dixon has yet to sign is tender and his agent Jeff Sperbeck told ESPN that his client would prefer a chance to compete elsewhere rather than be a backup for the Steelers this year. “Dennis would love the opportunity to start,” Sperbeck said. “Yes, we would look forward to an opportunity for a trade — it\’s a starting opportunity we\’re looking for.”

The Steelers placed a fifth-round tender of around $1.2 million on Dixon prior to the lockout and he can entertain offers from others teams until until Aug. 20 and then his rights revert back exclusively to the Steelers. If he were to receive an offer from another team, the Steelers have the right to match it or they would receive a fifth-round draft pick next year in return.

The problem Dixon has right now is that his phone is not ringing now and it is hard to imagine teams waiting until late in August to trade for him. The Steelers have the quarterbacks they need, so they might just try to get a 6th or 7th round pick for him or cut him outright. Dixon knows he has no chance at even winning the #2 spot this season.

Despite Dixon wanting out, Sperbeck didn\’t rule out Dixon eventually signing his tender though if there\’s no interest. Dixon is missing valuable reps right now and the 20th is a long ways away. “There\’s a possibility he will sign it,” Sperbeck said. “We\’re just looking to gather information here during the early part of free agency.” Good luck with that, Jeff.

  • Daveb1952

    This is sad as I thought he might have been a great change of pace guy for us. But when you got Big Ben in the saddle, and an OC that will not let you use your God given skills, and insist that you play like someone who is 6 inches taller and 60 lbs heavier, it does not bode well.

  • Battleslafane

    If he”s not the Steeler’s #2. I wish him the best trying to find a #1 spot with another team. Especially one with an O line that won’t get him killed.

  • Pamedict

    Dennis Dixon must be drinking some funny Gatorade? A starter, NOT with another team! Big Ben, Leftwich and Charlie in front of him, and it’s obvious he’s not a ‘team player’ so goodbye to you.

  • Coya

    Dixon reminds me of Korel. Goodby Dennis, don’t let the door hit you in the a&& on the way out.