Million Dollar Hair Of Troy Polamalu Buzzed?

A new video has surfaced on Youtube and it shows the million dollar hair of Steelers safety Troy Polamalu getting buzzed by clippers. It truly is Troy as you can plainly see and I also notice his brother-in-law Alex Holmes sitting on the couch as the clipper bandit enters the trailer. I believe this was shot during the latest Head and Shoulders commercial shoot and I am pretty sure this is a staged prank as there is no way this could happen. Polamalu had his hair insured for $1 million by the shampoo company through Lloyd\’s of London almost a year ago. Watch the hair buzzing video below and you decide.

  • SteelHawk55

    Looks real. That said, they can do amazing things to video with computers these days.

  • Avoid Lloyd

    Looks fake to me. Nicely done though.

  • Eleanor

    It better be a staged gag. Sometimes, pranks can go too far

  • Knc

    Fake. How can it be perfectly bald and square?

  • AnameyoudgiveaguestIguess

    I don’t know. Troy and Holmes reactons are pretty convincing. If the video’s a prank, then what’s its purpose?

  • Pantene

    Considering those aren’t cordless clippers…. derp.