Report: Steelers To Report To Training Camp Thursday At Latrobe

If things go well today with the players vote on the proposed CBA, the lockout will be lifted and the wild and crazy start of the NFL calender will then begin. Facilities will likely open either Tuesday or Wednesday and a report by Matt Pomeroy, the Manager of NFL Network Research, says that the Steelers will report to training camp in Latrobe at St. Vincent College on Thursday. This would mean the Steelers first conditioning test would likely take place on Friday with the first practice possibly taking place on Saturday.

ETA: NFL Network is now reporting that 30 of the 32 training camps will open on Friday and not Thursday as previously reported. The Steelers are on the list of 30 teams now expected to start Friday.

ETA 2: reports that players will report to camp on Thursday now.

Jason La Canfora reported this morning that trades and rookie signings can begin on Tuesday and unrestricted free agents can begin negotiating with teams on Tuesday as well, but they can not sign anywhere until Friday. As expected, it looks to be a crazy few days starting on Tuesday and that will carry on throughout the weekend. Please keep checking back with Steelers Depot as we will have up-to-date news on the Steelers signings of draft picks, undrafted free agents and other signings.

Rejoice, rejoice, Steelers football is back!

  • Mocat60

    i can’t wait for the season to start. I want to see my Steelers beat the ravens up the first game and never look back…We need a great player on the other side of the field from Ike.. gay is not the player.. go after the last piece of the puzzle and we cannot lose. We have a great quarterback, a really good oline, a great dline, linbackers other teams dream of but and we have TROY and he needs help, our secondary is our problem aginst any team that can throw the ball ( brady) he knows it an so the other teams know it. Lets fix it now so we don’t have to worry about anything but winning… Mocat