Ryan Clark Tells Ray Rice He Will Find Him For Comments About Hines Ward

Ryan Clark Ray Rice Twitter FightNot that the week one meeting between the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens needed anything else to spice it up, but Steelers safety Ryan Clark and Ravens running back Ray Rice did just that on Twitter Saturday night.

The tweet smack started after Rice commented on the DUI arrest yesterday morning of wide receiver Hines Ward. Rice tweeted yesterday afternoon: “Well it looks like Hines Ward will miss week 1 when the lockout ends DUI charge not a good look”

Clark responded to Rice tweet later in the evening with: “So glad you could Weigh in.Thx” Rice responded back with: “it\’s whatever u wanna do bro you know how to find me” to which Clark replied: “I hear ya brother.Thought we were all better than that. Wouldnt speak negative of you. I\’ll find you!It\’s not hard. God bless”

That was all of the dialogue the two had on Twitter, but Clark later posted: “Life is good! More and more reasons to be excited about football! Week 1 just got even better!It\’s my fault for respecting those I shouldn\’t” and later on in a response to a supporting follower he posted: “I support Hines to the fullest. I believe his name will be cleared in the end. A great player and better man!”

I say good for Clark for standing up for Ward and Rice should know better than to take a shot like that. As for Rice thinking Ward will miss the week 1 game, I posted yesterday that I doubt Ward gets suspended at all and at worse he might be benched by the Steelers for the first series of the game. This smack talk adds to the LaMarr Woodley, Joe Flacco and Derrick Mason banter already out there from a few weeks ago and I bet we will hear even more of it prior to the season. That is if we can ever get this little thing called a lockout settled.

  • dean

    wow its amazing to me that with all the money these guys make thatthey have nothing better to do besides talk smack 140 characters at a time ,shut up go buy a car or a jetski or something would ya because i for one am sick and tired of these fing cry babies

  • Mark Ritz

    Ryan Clark my man, great call, It just show what kind of person Ray Rice is! He has no couth for his fellow player. PUNK!

  • Really?

    Glad to see you support Drinking and Driving as long as the person breaking the law is on your favorite sports team!

    How dare Ray Rice point out that getting a DUI is bad. I don’t think he could’ve been more disrespectful for pointing out a fact.

  • Not Raven Fan

    All that money and can’t afford a driver when he wants to go drinking. WTF

  • Now Rule

    say what ya wanna clark you dont want the 914 mob up on ya bruh! play ball and leave the tweet gangsterism alone playa! RAY RICE reppin 914 allday!!!

  • Steelers suck…

    Who the hell is ryan clark anyway???????? I know Ray Rice is a PRO BOWL RB…… Let reggie clark oh i mean ryan actually do something on the football field … squeelers blow… RAVENS RULE ALL……………..

  • inRAYwetrust52

    There is a reason why Ray Rice said that people, his COUSIN was KILLED by a DRUNK DRIVER.

    Your embelishing on his intentions, people make mistakes..the one HINES WARD made could have been a DEADLY one. Thats all Ray was saying.

    You cant stop smiling from ear to ear now Hines, WHY SOOO SERIOUSSS

  • johnny c

    You’d think guys like Clark would be more appreciative of the negative connotations of Ward’s actions. Remember that guy who grew up near Pittsburgh (Ainsworth?) who pitched a shutout for the Angels in his first start as a rookie last year and that night got killed by a drunk driver. Clark you are loyal to a fault and clueless about how one should treat their fame.

  • Carol D

    Hines made a bad judgment call but everyone is out to crucify him. I think DUI’s are wrong but everyone is human no matter how much money they have. As for Rice making his comment he was voicing his opinion as are most people. I know where he is coming from because I was a victim of an impaired driver and the result was bad. He killed four people and four survived. I live with the aftermath every day. The driver made a huge mistake and it cost him is life and three others.

    As for Clark having Ward’s back….that is what they when a teammate comes under attack. All I can say is this will be interesting when the Steelers and the Ravens meet on the field.

  • mike

    Don’t get trucked Ryan Clark,……wasn’t Woodley running his mouth about Flacco the other day. Now you want to act classy because your guy messed up. Nah jose!!!!

  • seriously!

    I think that everyone should reserve judgement until all the facts have been weighed.. No one really knows if he was DUI, and it wouldnt be the first time a police officer has lied. And yes so do football stars, but this is Hines Ward, do you have any idea what he does for the disadvantaged families in Pittsburgh?? Do you know how much time and money him Charlie Batch and so many others on the Steelers team do for children? It is not our place to pass judgement until we know all the facts and the true ones! I understand there are those of you who just plain hate the Steelers and what they stand for, but at the end of the day, they have “6” superbowl rings so they must be doing something right, eh? So when the news is out and I am sure it will be soon, then all will know the whole truth not half of it. As for Ryan Clark, he had every right to defend his teammate, what player wouldnt….. Obviously Ryan has faith in Ward as do most of the Steeler Nation.. Its so sad how many haters are on this, DUI is a very serious matter, Im not down playing that at all, Im just simply stating that who really knows if he was?

  • Sandie

    Scre_ Ray Rice and the Ravens. Flacco will be Flaccid again. Dirty birds can’t beat us when it counts and hey…….that’s ALL that counts!

  • villian157

    That doesn’t really sound like a “twitter war” like the headline claims. Go figure, the media blows something out of proportion. You call that ‘smack talk’? Apparently the writer has never ridden a school bus before. LOL
    Too bad these 2 guys never meet on the field. Rice never makes it past the defensive line. ; )

  • BigButch

    These brutha’s need ta stop….we don’t even have a season yet……wanna trash talk…call Roger Goddell. He needs a good slap!……..Oh snap I didn’t say that!

  • Ravens rule nothing

    Yea right! the ravens rule nothing, keep on thinking the Steelers suck while they keep beating the Ratbirds down like they always do. If your Ratbirds rule everyone like your little pea brain mind thinks they do. then tell me this, why is it that they keep loosing the big games and cant win? Wait, Ill tell you why, its beacause they cant win and will alaway be the loosers they are. Ben has your number and the Ratbirds know it. they shutter everytime they have to face Ben.

  • Rhonda Bogo

    Hey Ray! Maybe Hines can just give an autograph to the officer who arrested him and get off on the ticket…..or does that just apply to you? Yea you are the last person who should be saying ANYTHING about peoples mistakes……You can drink 2 beers and be legally drunk nowadys…..He didn’t kill anyone…..Oh that’s right….you didn’t either!