Steelers Agree To Terms With CB William Gay

Another day and another Steelers unrestricted free agent is back in the fold as Steelers Digest is reporting that the Steelers have agreed to terms with cornerback William Gay. Gay was unrestricted and will presumably be back to compete for the nickel corner job again this year. Gay was chosen by the Steelers with the 170th pick (5th round) of the 2007 NFL Draft.

The Steelers once again choose to re-sign their own free agent corners as Ike Taylor agreed to term last week as the Steelers slowly transition to youth in the secondary after they drafted cornerbacks Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen back in April. It is a one-year deal for Gay and he will not be able to practice until August 4th per the new labor agreement rules.

  • John

    So now they have ALOT of OK corners and one decent one…i think if you get rid of two of them and get a SOLID CB, we’d be in business. But as of now i see us with the same CB lineup as last year. and with us playing alot of pass happy teams (with new weapons) its not gonna be too pretty. You’d think with all these new rules for the defense to basically open a window for the passing game, we’d get an upgrade on our CBs.

  • Cafemezzanotte

    I agree! Terrible signing, I’d rather see a rookie play than see gay get burned every play .

  • jerry

    william gay could not cover me and iam 52 yrs old he sucks…if the cant do better then that they are in for a long yr in pass covrage…

  • Grw1960

    Why sign Gay when you have 4 young CBs in training camp? Insurance if Lewis bombs again this preseason? I would hate to see Butler get cut in his second season. May the best CBs win and play.

  • Joe D

    What a waste…
    Why not go after Asante Samuel…
    Time to unload Aaron Smith $6mil salary and get a CB.. we now have youth at both DE’s. Kisel has 1-2 years left.. Big Snack the same.

  • Smittyflash24

    glad and sad at the same time…don’t have a problem with re-signing W.Gay..the issue is bringing back! D.McFadden is the weak link.Steelers fans the main issue with the secondary is the predictiablity of what Dick LaBeau does(he is the issues!)The answer is to score more on offense…this team needs to score more!

  • theo

    well said john

  • Wbrown1123

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems the Steelers are mising out on some things. I see them passing on players they could have drafted who end up being starters on other teams and now the Jets have two receivers that once played for the Steelers now on their team. So what if your corners know your play book but can’t cover anybody. Not saying I could do better mind you , but I believe they really need to re-evaluate how they evaluate talent. The Steelers have a top notch orgainization to be true, but you drop someone for some problems then turn around and court them to come back? Plax was playing head games with the Steelers and he knew it. He wanted to make a point and he did just that. The Steelers need to keep the best players and back ups they have and if some guys aren’t doing the job, let them go. Re-signing players that get burned defending the other team’s receivers consistantly? Well I guess that’s how it is, you recieve what you pay for. Let me give you three examples: Could have drafted Cody, passes on him, now he’s playing for the Ravens, and he will haunt us. Could have traded up to get Revis, but let the Jets beat them to it, could have drafted LB Paul Posluszny but passed on him now the guy’s a star. Just three examples, but I’ll still give the Steelers credit though. Despite those three examples they do have a model of consistency by getting to the playoffs and Super bowls. Everybody wants to get to the superbowl and win it. Not playing your best in the biggest game of the year is just like not going at all. I’m hoping the team does it’s best week in and week out and win it all in 2012.

  • theo

    william gay cant even cover tight ends, maybe they signed him 4 thoses rare occations were the pats send an o lineman on route in endzone, dont think he can even cover that, lol

  • Jason

    I agree with Jerry. Willie Gay probably couldn’t cover a 52 year old man. Hell, I don’t think he could even cover an 80 year old. Every year I hope he is going to improve then it’s time for toast again. He is especially vulnerable when the Steelers are playing a quality QB. Look at how the Patriots scored all their TD’s last year.

  • SteelersDepot
  • Thomas

    FUCK THIS TALENTLESS PEICE OF SH*T, he isn’t fast enough to stay with tight ends and not tall enough to fight for the ball with anyone. He can be the best blitzing corner in the world I dont want him at ALL

  • X2006pbt

    He is the reason teams want spread us out

  • Thomas

    think you could interview colbert or someone else for the podcast to see if this has anything to do with injuries?, I want to see curtis brown play the slot. Look at his senior bowl highlights, that kid can close fast and hit hard. And he’s described by personel guy’s as a “cover corner capable of guarding smaller receivers” ei: wes welker, Shipley, etc I followed Gay on Twitter all summer and I heard “Pool Party tonight!” or “Heading to ‘name’ (a strip club)” or “wheres the best party tonight” almost every second day if not every day even if he could be allright I refuse to beleive he has the proper attitude to stay on this team.

  • John

    i appreciate your time put into that, but its not an individual breakdown, i saw Gay get beat ALOT last year (and the year before). i saw McFadden get beat last year. the only reason the stats are up is because you had Troy and Clark babysitting. what im saying is if you can pay two below average CBs to do a job just good enough to get by, theres no reason you cant get a SOLID CB and let the safties work. and im not totally hating on Gay, because he’s a good blitzer but thats not his main job. Gay against vets isnt a good matchup. TO raped him, AP stomped on him, if he’s the best guy at NICKLE then we need to get someone better.

  • Funkylungs

    I hope the rookies.. or anybody beats him out. PUT HIM ON THE PRACTICE SQUAD DAMMIT! Every break of the huddle the QB is looking Gay.

  • Bebopdad

    I am looking at the freeagency signings and agonizing. Nate clements was available overnight and taken the next day. Why are we signing anybody other than another great cover corner? The Steelers lost the superbowl because of gay, and all the other subpar corners on the roster.

  • Bebopdad

    I dont want him on the practice squad, let the rookies have that, get a veteran.

  • Bebopdad

    Uh who cares about stats the only stat that counts is showing up for big games like the superbowl, and the steelers secondary did not show up for that game. We need shut down corners who create coverage sacks being we have the best line backers and defensive line in the league year after year. I love the Steelers, but they for some reason keep making bad decisions in regards to defensive backs. One they should have signed Rod Woodson as their db coach being the one from last season left for Arizona, two quit spending money on players that notoriously get burned like ike taylor. The safety positions are fine but corner is our Achilles heal.

  • Bebopdad

    Good post! The Steelers should have gotten revis and revis is a pittsburgh native. He would have given us an even greater defense. I do not understand why there is not a greater concern on the corner position. Maybe next year draft will be the time that they get it right. Antonio
    Cromatrie is out there, Grimes it out there, Bucannon was available stop letting the jets and eagles take everybody.

  • Bebopdad

    He couldn’t cover a pot of boiling water!!

  • David russell greer

    someone in the the steelers staff needs his head examined.
    A rookie would have been a better shot at picking up the slack.
    Oh well another season of heart aches for the fans because of Gay