Steelers Teammates Line Up In Support Of James Harrison

James Harrison SteelersThe dust is slowly starting to clear after the explosive interview of Steelers linebacker James Harrison in Men\’s Journal surfaced on Wednesday. Harrison released an apology type statement Thursday night for comments he made about his teammates, more specifically the ones about quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and running back Rashard Mendenhall, and Harrison also apologized for speaking in such a candid manner to someone outside of the team.

Since the news of the article first surfaced, it was reported that Harrison had called and cleared the air with Roethlisberger, who reportedly said he was “fine” with Harrison. Mendenhall also said via Twitter yesterday that he does not have a problem with Harrison, because he knows him. Safety Ryan Clark tweeted Wednesday that, “Nobody has to leave. We will all be in Pittsburgh. Brothers disagree, brothers fight, call each other names! You\’re still family! ALWAYS!” and later added, “Not defending him agreeing or disagreeing. Not for me to do on twitter. Only saying we know who he is. Thats just James.”

Fellow linebacker Lawrence Timmons showed his support for Harrison during an interview yesterday on TSN and second year linebacker Stevenson Sylvester tweeted just tonight, “we gotchu big dawg” to Harrison. The support did not end there on the defensive side of the ball as cornerback Ike Taylor also weighed in via a tweet to Harrison that said, “I got your back 1000% don\’t even trip We live We learn We move on We family #Noworries”

As the lockout looks to hopefully be ending soon, I suspect several other teammates will follow suit as soon as they arrive at training camp. Many will meet the media upon arrival and I am pretty sure they will get that out of the way as soon as possible so the Steelers can start to move on from the distraction. That is the only thing they can do at this point, because that\’s what good teammates are supposed to do.

  • BOB

    this guy is a punk.learn to tackle with your head up a-hole.

  • Gill

    A little overboard saying he wouldnt pee on the commissioner. Come on guy! be a class act. He is the boss. What would you be doing if you werent playing football? probably nothing. God gave you a talent to play football. You get paid well. You have a great life so just shut up and stop crying.

  • produce11

    CUT HIT!!!!!! He is 32 and way overrated at this point.. The Steelers need money for Wood, Troy, and Timmons… I have been a Steelers fan my whole life and watch every game.. Its time for James to go!!! It will not hurt the D one bit.. Let him see how he likes life in Carolina or in Cincy… Too classy of an organization to deal with his mouth..

  • SteelersDepot

    No way you cut Harrison. 14 million or so cap hit. That is NOT going to happen and he is no where close to being overrated.

  • produce11

    Listen.. I am a BIG Steelers fan and have watched every game for the last IDK 20 years??? He is overrated.. He had 1 tackle in the SB.. @ years ago yeah he was amazing but he is getting older and slowing down.. Steelers are smart and they know they got what they needed out of him.. Lots of good young players coming up for contracts.. We need to focus there and cut ties with this goof now..

  • produce11

    Wood is 10 years younger then Harrison and got the same amout of sacks.. Also Wood is on the verge of being GREAT for the next 8 years… Put your money in the future…

  • SteelersDepot

    They ARE putting their money in the future as Woodley will be extended as soon as the lockout is over. Your evaluation of Harrison is way off base. I have been a Steelers fan for over 35 years. Not sure what that has to do with anything. You are boiling his currently status down to just ONE game. That is ludicrous.

  • produce11

    Not looking at just one game.. I am a Steelers fan and not a fanatic who cant see when a player is past his prime.. Also, your ok with him dividing the locker room and causing issues for the the qb????? I mean if not for Ben the Steelers never get to where tey are and Mendy is a lil goofy but still continues to get better.. Harrison is to worried about his image and not the team.. Lets not forget that he talked about retierment last year.. He is not good for the team

  • NotAfanOfRoger

    Heck, even fans don’t like Goodell. He is inconsistant with his actions and fines. I agree with Harrison’s coments, the guy is a tool. I’d like to see John Madden as the next NFL commissioner, Goodell has turned the NFL into peewee football and he’s the team’s mom.

  • SteelersDepot

    You act like the Steelers have never had distractions. I suppose you also want to cut Hines now as well. I think you may be as goofy as Mendenhall is as your opinion is WAY off You can continue to comment here, but I will not respond to someone who continues to ignore the facts. Sorry & be well!

  • Psu1ezwinr1

    never disrespect a man for speaking his mind, you can sugarcoat it and it would not be his words or thoughts, the substance is true, as to his form, well thats what makes him James.

  • Majmiked

    On a team with an alleged (and highly probable) rapist, an Al Qaeda sympathizer, and a DUI dancer, Harrison still manages to be the stupidest, least likeable person … wow, that’s an accomplishment.

    Learn to tackle properly d-bag. And next time you call out someone for their Super Bowl performance, watch the game tape — you were doing your best impression of the “Invisible Man” all night long.

  • Stethescoper

    If that’s the case, why is he using the media if they are all “family?”

  • Stethescoper

    I see. So let’s just let the thugs do whatever they want.
    How many arrests of NFL players has there been since the Superbowl? 12? 15?
    Heaven forbid someone tries to keep order.

  • Much RESPECT to HARRISON, truth is the man is keeping it real in the game of football and his team supports him which is best of all. He does’t apologize for who he is and he isn’t fake, so if you don’t like it don’t read it. Go Harrison!!!

  • In addition to ALL the critics, if you are not playing in the NFL like HARRISON then it’s best to shut the pie hole because everyone likes to critize but truth is half the people talking smack don’t know how to play the game and NEVER came close to making the cut to the NFL. Don’t critize what you can’t do!!!

  • Krh5038

    Who cares about that d-bag Goddell…he shouldn’t have spoke out about his teammates about that, even if they are “fine” with it

  • vanator

    Man you the punk,
    dont be a crybaby cuz the man can hit. ITS FOOTBALL its meant to be a full contact sport, not “oh my god he touched me, someone fine him”. Grow the heck up. If he was on your team you wouldnt be dissing the man.
    Let the boys play

  • Jizzie2035

    If you don’t like the team, then else where and take ben with u!

  • Pitt_fan_36

    Ok man for real, ive been a steeler fan for as long as i can remember. Harrison may not get the sacks he used to, but he is still a force on defense, the man can go toe to toe with o lineman that are close to 100lbs heavier than him, and still make the play at the line. he’s still a valuable member of that defense and the team loves him. Together, he, woodley, farrior and timmons make the best linebacking core in the NFL

  • Psena1

    You sir are an idiot if you think Harrison is past his prime. The man is a silverback and always will be.

  • Oscar_guitierrez

    Harrison, needs to keep his mouth closed .The old school players like mean Joe Green , and the rest of the steel curtain never talked shit like punks like this one that is a good player but his ego and his mouth are bigger, thats why fans miss the old days of football were a player let his playing do the talking and never acted like bitches, because only a bitch would turn on his own quarter back and this punk is nothing but a bitch,, back in the days his fellow team mates would had kicked his ass for bieng a bitch

  • Jlmcallister67

    you all would watch the way you would hit or tackle if it was you getting the fines they need to let them play the game and as far as harrison being over rated no way he is the man

  • Teezy21

    They did say things all the time its just that there was no.internet, fb or the media wasnt as crazy back then!!! Harrison just has nerve say what were all thinking!!

  • Teezy21

    James is awesome! He by no means is overrated and plays football the way it was meant to be played. nothing like suits sitting behind desks making rules! I respect him for speaking his mind! He had the nerve to ssay what most of us were thinking!!

  • Smprfi2112

    Right. Let’s make the NFL COMMISSIONER play mother to a bunch of grown men. Goodell is there to make sure the NFL runs smoothly. While I’m sure he doesn’t want the bad press associated with players getting into trouble, it simply isn’t his job to police the players in the free time. If a player wants to throw his career away by being a moron, let him. But don’t try and pin it on Goodell.

  • Bvestrand

    If you wouldn’t say such things in the first place, you wouldn’t have to apologize for it.

  • Wirpnst

    Only reason James Harrison might not be there next year is “how much he might be slowing down…other than that the family way in Pittsburgh is with all their teams,always has been always will…

  • LittleFireman

    Wouldn’t pee on the commissioner? That’s harsh. I certainly would.

  • notbuyingiteither

    Right On Harrison! I Love when a Black Man in America can stand up for what he believes, and NOT act like a “yes massa, no massa” psychologically broken down toddler slave.

  • notbuyingiteither

    It’s 2012! I applaud Harrison, for NOT acting like a weak slave. You’re a weak ass kisser! Since when do you define when a Black Man in America should talk. I can tell you don’t even stand up for Latinos/hispanics right to be treated like men / women either do you? Harrison is not a puppet or a slave. Anybody who takes his hits, makes his hits, and gets that amount of money taken away from him in fines, can say whatever the F he wants.

  • notbuyingiteither

    Families don’t use media? Do Harrison’s work…and then you can talk! Shut up and sit down!

  • notbuyingiteither

    Go back to Al Qaueda

  • notbuyingiteither

    Kiss Harrison’s Black Ass and shut up. You F’ing backseat driver…pedestrian/sideline, can’t play football clown.

  • NotAfanOfRoger

    It isn’t about arrests, it’s about how Goodell fines black players vs. non-blacks and his inabilility to be consistant. Harrison may have an image as being a thug, however, he has a very good point. Goodell is like a dictator, he suppreses the concerns and complaints of players, coaches, teams, etc. No one is allowed to voice a negative opinion in the NFL without being fined. This is a contact sport, let the players play.

  • Adam7out

    It’s a team sport and the team played like crap! Quit singling out individuals. Big Ben may not have Manning skills but who has more rings!

  • NotAfanOfRoger

    So are you saying the Goodell fines are based on what the players do on their personal as thugs and makes up fines during the game to punish their behavior? Yep, that sounds just like Goodell.

  • Rhess58

    I’d like to see the whole NFL play the opening Off. play wearing flags just for a statement. Seems to me that most of the HOF greats would not be there if the played by today’s so call rules. Just saying.