2011 Steelers Final 53 Man Roster Prediction 2.0 – Week 2 Preseason Edition

The first Steelers preseason game is in the books and now it is time to post my 2nd version of the 2011 Steelers Final 53 Man Roster Prediction. If you missed the pre training camp 53 man roster projection edition, you can read it here. There will be 3 more of these as we slowly work our way down to the final prediction following the last preseason game against the Panthers.

Quite a bit has changed since my last prediction. Free agent tight end John Gilmore was signed since my last prediction as was wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery. Rookie running back Baron Batch tore his ACL and will likely be lost for the season as well. As far as my changes go from last prediction, I know see Gilmore holding a tight end spot and that means undrafted free agent Weslye Saunders is off my 53 for now. He is likely best suited for the practice squad at this point. The Cotchery signing means someone has to go between Arnaz Battle and Tyler Grisham to make room. Battle had a rough night against the Redskins as he had 3 drops. I still think he adds enough on special teams right now that, so I am scratching Grisham. Battle played under special teams coach Al Everest at San Francisco, so I think he has him in his corner right now.

I had undrafted linebacker Mario Harvey on my first projected 53 man roster, but he has missed considerable time during camp with an injury and was forced to miss the Friday night game in addition. You can\’t make the club in the tub so I am putting Keenan Lewis back on the roster. It makes sense that both Lewis and Crezdon Butler should make the 53 man roster with rookies Curtis Brown and Cortez Allen way behind at this point. Not only did they miss out on OTA and mini-camp sessions due to the lockout, they both have missed extended camp time as well as the first preseason game. Lewis also can play special teams and that was the only thing Harvey was going to provide this year.

With Batch going down it gives second year running back Jonathan Dwyer a temporary reprieve. He showed small signs of turning the corner as far as recognition and blitz pickup against the Redskins, so he is back on for now as the 4th running back. Those are my only changes in this 53 man project prediction.

Now that we had a preseason game to look at, I will also start projecting the practice squad and who I think might be inactive week 1 from here on out in addition.

2011 Steelers Final 53 Man Roster Prediction 2.0 Version

7 Roethlisberger, Ben QB
4 Leftwich, Byron QB
16 Batch, Charlie QB
34 Mendenhall, Rashard RB
20 Moore, Mewelde RB
33 Redman, Isaac RB
27 Dwyer, Jonathan RB
17 Wallace, Mike WR
86 Ward, Hines WR
88 Sanders, Emmanuel WR
84 Brown, Antonio WR
81 Battle, Arnaz WR
82 Cotchery, Jerricho WR
83 Miller, Heath TE
85 Johnson, David TE
89 Gilmore, John TE
64 Legursky, Doug G/C
53 Pouncey, Maurkice C
68 Kemoeatu, Chris G
73 Foster, Ramon G
62 Williams, Keith G
65 Gilbert, Marcus T
72 Scott, Jonathan T
74 Colon, Willie T
61 Scott, Chris T
24 Taylor, Ike CB
20 McFadden, Bryant CB
22 Gay, William CB
28 Butler, Crezdon CB
39 Allen, Cortez CB
40 Brown, Curtis CB
23 Lewis, Keenan CB
43 Polamalu, Troy SS
25 Clark, Ryan FS
29 Mundy, Ryan FS
26 Allen, Will S
91 Smith, Aaron DE
95 Heyward, Cameron DE
96 Hood, Ziggy DE
99 Keisel, Brett DE
98 Hampton, Casey NT
76 Chris Hoke NT
92 Harrison, James OLB
94 Timmons, Lawrence ILB
51 Farrior, James ILB
56 Woodley, LaMarr OLB
97 Worilds, Jason OLB
55 Sylvester, Stevenson ILB
50 Foote, Larry ILB
54 Carter, Chris OLB
6 Suisham, Shaun K
9 Sepulveda, Daniel P
60 Warren, Greg LS
Practice Squad
48 Mortty Ivy LB
67 Anthony Gray NT
42 Da\’Mon Cromartie-Smith SS
44 Weslye Saunders TE
72 John Malecki C/G
71 Corbin Bryant DE
15 Wes Lyons WR
67 Kyle Jolly T
Week 1 Inactives
40 Curtis Brown CB
39 Cortez Allen CB
27 Jonathan Dwyer RB
62 Keith Williams G
54 Chris Carter OLB
28 Crezdon Butler CB
65 Marcus Gilbert T
Injured Reserve
33 Baron Batch RB

  • X2006pbt

    Trade for Asante Samuel! (just kidding, He doesn’t takle well enough to be a steeler) Ace in coverage though đŸ˜›

  • Andrewjos75

    It sound like they may keep Hills, he is running with the first team at right guard. They may go with three running backs putting another one on the practice squad.

  • Grw1960

    Your Roster prediction is about as close as possible for now.
    But I wonder (with the new kick off rules) If Battles will be replaced by another WR.

  • SteelersDepot

    Yes I am following that on Twitter, but we shall see how he does versus Eagles. I get three more shots at this and Hills has fooled us before in preseason.

  • Lekraus

    please oh please cut willie gay. as long as he is on the field the team we are playing will just throw to his side and laugh all the way down the field. he couldn’t cover my grandma Kraus and she died in the 1960’s. he is the worst corner i have ever seen just cut him and move on use a rookie he will learn from his mistakes gay never has and never will.

  • Lekraus

    i love the idea of trading for Asante Samuel at least they could cover two receivers not just one. make the trade we can teach him to tackle he may even want to tackle just to show the eagles they missed out on the top CB they had.

  • John

    Grisham > Battle

  • Callouswhisper

    After the way Battle played I think he is struggling to make the roster and MM as well. I also think Hills has really stepped it up, it may not last but suddenly real buzz about him. He is starting at RG v Iggles on Thursday…

  • Meatrack

    I would much rather have the Steelers keep Grisham than Battle, especially since the NFL is essentially killing kickoffs.

  • Steve Duncan

    I doubt he changes the tackling at this point, and isn’t he more of a man Cb than zone? We don’t play very much man at all.

  • Tanner

    I think Da’mon Cromartie Smith play really good and might have a chance at making the roster and i also think Weslyn Saunders will make the roster. Im hoping Wes Lyons will make it, it would be nice to have a big target with great hands on the team

  • Tanner

    And i’m tired of seeing William Gay and Mewelde Moore on the roster.

  • cecka

    Lyons is better than Grisham and Battle! And Hills is good he should be on the list instead of Foster. And Gay needs to go! And no we do not want Samuel too much money for nothing.

  • Jezza

    I think Grisham has a pretty good shot of making the final roster… be interesting to see how it pans out.

  • Why would they cut Gay when they just resigned him as an Unrestricted Free Agent? If they didn’t value his services they wouldn’t have brought him back. He’s a decent nickel back and only struggles when they line him up on the outside.

    And let’s not kid ourselves, the rookie you say will “learn from his mistakes” would just be the next “worst corner you have ever seen” in a few weeks.

  • Also, what’s all this clamoring for Asante Samuel? Not a fit at all people, he can’t tackle and he can’t cover as well as you think. His game is all about gambling for the big play, which he does often, but he leaves his teammates out to dry when he misfires. He doesn’t fit our defensive scheme AT ALL

  • Rick55

    They are not going to keep 7 CB and 4 S,if they keep 7 CB they will cut one Safety.Plus I dont think they will keep 6 WR and have one on the PS as well but I might be wrong.I think they end up keeping 5 WR with Lyons on the PS(goodbye Battle) and I think they will cut Cortez Allen and sign him on the PS.Dwyer is probably a lock now that Clay has walked on the team.