Agent For Willie Colon Even Thinks He Would Be A Pro Bowl Guard

Willie Colon SteelersI hate to beat a dead horse. OK, who am I kidding, I love beating dead horses, especially when it proves my point. A great story by Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News just hit the wire tonight and it details the behind-the-scenes-look on how Steelers unrestricted free agent tackle Willie Colon landed a new deal with the Steelers recently.

In the article Samuel reports how Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice was pushing for Colon to sign with the Bears, but Tice wanted Colon to move inside to guard. Sound familiar? It should if you have been reading my post all offseason as I have been suggesting this for a long time. If that is not enough, Colon\’s own agent Joe Linta thought Colon should make the move as well. Linta told Colon that he would be a Pro Bowl guy at the position. It seems that Colon might have even warmed up to the idea, but we all know he really wanted to stay in Pittsburgh and with good friend Ben Roethlisberger and eventually re-signed with the Steelers after giving them a hometown discount of sorts.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette beat writer Gerry Dulac tried to shoot down the notion of Colon moving to guard back in May, but succumbed to the idea last week.

I have been hard on Dulac over the months, but if other offensive line coaches deem it a good move and Colon\’s agent thinks it is a good move, it must be a notion you can\’t ignore. Now of course Colon really wants to stay at tackle, and I fully understand that. He claimed last week that it has not been discussed as an option with the Steelers, but it remains a legitimate option nonetheless, short arms and all. lol

The Steelers right guard spot still remains a little shaky at this point and while Colon will likely start at right tackle if Flozell Adams is not brought back, it is an option the Steelers have if either Ramon Foster or Doug Legursky get off to a slow start. Who knows, perhaps we still get to see Dulac in Steelers cheerleader uniform after all.

  • Steve Duncan

    Colon is definitely a better guard than tackle, but tackles make more money…

  • Thomas

    What makes him such a great candidate for guard? we dont even have 2 starting tackles? is he that dominant in the run game? I thought guard is where you put tackles who cant pass block well enough…. :s IF flozel came back would he beat him out at tackle? isn’t it more important to have good tackles then guards? wouldn’t this make our line worse at pass blocking overall? it’s allready our most profound weakness I dont know why the steelers would even consider it…

  • Tanner

    Starks, Kemoeatu, Pouncey, Colon, Adams

    Or Adams, Kemoeatu, Pouncey, Rookie Williams, Colon

  • Steve Duncan

    I like your first scenario, but I don’t think we have the space unless both lower their asking price quite a bit.

    I am not real big on the second. Adams isn’t an LT anymore, and Williams struggles to pass block.

  • Pete

    I hope they manage to bring back Adams. He’s a better pass blocker than Colon at RT and at least as good on the run. Having those two on the right side would be a sight to behold. Colon would be RG and Adams RT. The added bonus is that Adams is like a machine. He rarely misses any time for injuries.

  • Chris-mbc

    Colon sucks as a tackle. Didn’t miss him at all last year. Watch, over the course of this year, who has the most false starts, holding and look-out blocks.