Colbert Still Does Not Rule Out Possible Return Of Starks, Adams Or Randle El

Steelers Director of Football Operation Kevin Colbert joined Ken Laird and John Steigerwald for an afternoon interview on Trib Live Radio to discuss several things, including the possibility of the Steelers bringing back recently released veterans Max Starks, Flozell Adams and Antwaan Randle El. Colbert admitted that they were tough cuts to make, but again did not rule out the possibility of them being back after they get a good look at the young players on the training camp roster.

Below is a brief portion of the question and answer concerning those players from the great interview.

Laird: You had some tough decisions to make obviously Max Starks and Flozell Adams were two guys that you had to let go, have you kept in contact with either of those and is there still a possibility down the road of reaching back out to them?

Colbert: Those were difficult cuts because those guys were part of in Max’s case, two Super Bowl champions and in Flo\’s case, a Super Bowl appearance. Antwaan Randle El the same way. Those are also difficult, but they were unavoidable. We had to do it a lot. We knew last year with an uncapped year that the roster we had we would not have been able to have had there been a salary cap.

Steigerwald: Last year you wouldn\’t have been able to have that roster?

Colbert: No, no. It goes back to what we were talking about earlier, if you get an agreement and you come into a salary cap error, what are you going to have to do to get under the cap and in compliance. So we knew we were running, as most teams I think did, run above the cap or above what would have been the cap in previous years. You have to be prepared to do what we had to do. When all those players were released they were all told that he look, the door could be open at some point for bringing you back. I think where everybody is in the league right now, their looking at their young people and their seeing what have to add back as this thing unfolds.

  • Joe D

    I would rather Steelers keep some youth over bringing back the senior citizens. The Steelers are already “old” regarding most of the defensive starters. Although they may be experienced and keeping their bodies in shape… clearly most have lost a step in speed and quickness.
    I can see Randle El coming back due to the WR issues.

  • Lee

    Unless Jonathan Scott just plays horrible and forces the Steelers to go get Starks or Adams, I think the Steelers will just stand pat.

    Everything that I’ve read said that Colon is looking pretty good and I’ve read that Chris Scott has played very well and could start at RG.

    Ramon Foster has proven to be a solid, versitile OL, Doug Legursky will make the team as a capable backup C/G, Marcus Gilbert will make the team. Rookie Keith Williams has some talent and will likely be kept. Kyle Jolly has shown some flashes. Tony Hills is gone.

  • JustMe

    Please no more EL. He was once one of my favorites. I believe the team should stay with one of the younsters or bring someone else in. Heck, almost anyone can go out there and fair catch punts.

  • tanner

    Any thought on the steelers getting Taylor Mays

  • Pete

    Too bad we don’t play Baltimore until the regular season because until these guys who “look good” face a real defense at battle speed, can’t say who is legitimately good. I’d rather go with what I know. And I know Adams and Starks. Starks was out of shape but if he got into shape then I’d want him back.

    Let’s see how the young ones do against Philly and Atlanta. This should give us a reasonable idea. Otherwise my starting line would be:
    Starks Kemo Pouncey Colon Adams

  • Steve Duncan

    Yeah. Don’t. He was overrated coming out of the draft, he is more overrated now. The last thing we need is a safety that can’t cover.

  • Tanner

    I’d say let him learn from Troy and maybe he will turn around. He’s fast and big if he can’t play safety then we can move him to a LB

  • Azureeyez4

    Still like the versatility of Randle! He was my favorite player
    he brings “experience” which sometimes is more valuable than youth. Want to see him come back.