Poll: Biggest Steelers Draft Bust During Kevin Colbert Era

With the release today of Limas Sweed, the debate has popped up about who is or who isn\’t a bust or perhaps biggest bust for the Steelers over the years. I wanted to limit this poll to just the Kevin Colbert era dating back to the 2000 draft. I also feel that players drafted in the 3rd round or later should not really be considered in this poll so I have included the 4 names that are being tossed around in the debate on Twitter and Trib Live Radio this morning and those players are Sweed, Ricardo Colclough, Alonzo Jackson and Kendrell Bell. Please vote only once and feel free to comment below.

  • Goon

    These names aren’t huge busts that every nfl fan would know which proves how good of a job Colbert has done, however I would have to say that Colclough highlights the one weakness that the front office has, and that is drafting cornerbacks. With the execption of Ike Taylor, the cornerbacks that the Steelers have drafted over the last ten years have been awful.

  • Griffith_jiml

    Alonzo Jackson was an idiot pick. The others had talent but had some sort of flaw(i.e. colough couldn’t judge a ball in the air despite incredible talent/speed). Jackson simply was horribly overated based upon his allstar game when he was matched up against a slow guard forced to play OT. I had him as a 5th round pick and was stunned when the Steelers drafted him

  • Meatrack

    Kendrell Bell should not be on this list. He was a quality player for us but injuries ruined his career.

    The other three did nothing.

  • SteelersDepot

    I did not want to show my bias by leaving Bell off. I agree he does not belong here, but his name is being debated on Twitter, so I included him to be “fair” and really prove a point.

  • Asoares

    Traded up to get Colclough…bigger bust than the rest by far

  • Mos_def98

    I agree I wouldnt put Bell on this list either. its very hard to see Limas go cuz he has size and speed and I was really rooting for this guy to make the team this year.

  • Dgh1957

    Didn’t Kendrell Bell win the Defensive Rookie of the Year then fade off to oblivion 2 years later. I think he was cut because he lacked pass coverage skills and injuries!

    But none of these names compare with Huey Richardson in the 90’s

  • Steve Duncan

    Got to be Colclough or Jackson. I say Jackson, he never did anything at all, at least Sweed laid some blocks.

  • Steve Duncan

    He faded because
    a) he screwed his ankles all up
    b) he never learned the scheme, just went on instinct, which stopped working when opposing teams figured it out.

    Then he went to KC and had a few mediocre years there. Hard to call him a bust.

  • daddeeekip

    The problem is trying to find guys who are smart enough and fit the system. Whereas they can find the gems in LB but not the secondary, but if you get enough pressure you can cover up poor secondary play.

  • Hiddenaway

    I wouldn’t say the McFadden pick was awful. You can’t draft Probowlers at every position in the first and second round. Yes, they struck out with Colclough, but what other CBs that the Steelers drafted have been “busts”. The fact is that they just don’t give that position much love, because, like oline, it’s less critical to their scheme…

  • Daveb1952

    The proof is in the pudding, not the individual ingredients. Since 2000, we’ve been to 3 superbowls, won 2 , made the playoffs most of those years, 3 AFC Championships, and played in 2 others. How in the heck can you complain about 4 2nd round picks that didn’t work out??? Good grief! JMO.

  • Mtraines0502

    Only because alot of so-called NFL Draft Guru’s claimed that drafting Alonzo Jackson was a BIG reach vs not drafting TE Jason Witten in 03. Ricardo Colclough and Limas Sweed were graded out to be good value picks at the time of their drafts but didn’t live-up to the draft hype and Kendrell Bell was Rookie of the Year.. but fail short due to inj’s.. so why is he on this list when players like Anthony Smith and Kraig Urbik were consider at the time of their draft’s to be 2nd round selections but the Steelers traded out of the 2nd round but still drated these winners in the 3rd..

  • Joe D

    It has to be Sweed….
    he never played a down in the NFL… the others did!!!

  • Steve Duncan

    McFadden played pretty well in our SB year and part of the year before IIRC. He has just been bad since he got back.

  • Sconway1980

    Kendrell Bell should not be on this list. Being derailed by an injury does not make you a bust. Bell was a very good linebacker. He could not over come the injury!

  • Intropy

    Bell was a solid player who flamed out due to injuries. He gave two good seasons, and had he stayed healthy I think we’d be talking about him in the same breath as Porter, Lloyd, and Greene. I know woulda, coulda, shoulda, but that’s not what I think of when I think of a “bust.”

    None of Sweed, Colclough, or Jackson ever did much. But so early in the draft, half a round of separation leads to different expectations. Colclough was drafted at 38, Sweed at 53, and Jackson at 59. I think getting essentially nothing from pick #38 is a bigger bust than getting essentially nothing from either #53 or #59, so Colclough’s my guy.

  • Steve Duncan

    Sweed has played enough downs, he just drops too many big passes.

  • SteelWA

    I don’t remember Jackson even getting on the field so he is top of my list. Sweed next, then Colclough.. Though they are close.

    I loved Kendrell Bell .. He was great and was a difference maker when he was able to play – it’s crazy to have him on this list.

  • Joe

    Kendrell Bell started for the steelers.. and one of the top linebackers in the NFL at one point… far from a bust

  • Bradleyaoo7

    If Colbert could draft a cornerback that contributed the STEELERS would be in the SB every year

  • Bradleyaoo7

    I think Jackson is the biggest bust. Sweed just fell to them in the draft and they took best available. You can’t lose in the long run doing that. Ricardo just wasnt very good. Bell was Defensive rookie of the year if i remember right

  • DaveD_1963

    Who cares about the big picture. Some people want someting to complain about. let them complain. Yeah Jiminy Christmas example: Rburger goes 16 -1 in his rookie season they complain about the 1 loss against NE in Pitt. This was during spygate time as well. HMMMMMMMMM……… what if !!!!!!

    oky!! almost Chicken don’t make soup