Steelers Defensive Coverage Stats Versus Falcons – Preseason Game 3

Below are the individual coverage stats and totals from the Saturday night preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons. The top table is by play and consist of which Falcons player was targeted with the pass, the yards gained on the play and the yards after the catch the receiver had on the play. Also included is the number of pass rushers the Steelers used on the play and if they blitzed or not on the play. I have included the down and distance as well as well as the direction of the pass. There were five plays where it was impossible to tell who really had coverage as three of those were running back screens and one of the other remaining two was the Lawrence Timmons interception.

The Falcons had 107 yards after catches of which 31 came on two of the running back screens I mentioned above very late in the game. Another thing that gets lost in these stats is how much zone coverage the Steelers play. Often times a player may be deemed as the one covering as he is closest defender to the receiver so keep that in mind this season once again as the Steelers do not play very much man coverage at all. The biggest thing to garner from these stats are the yards after catch and the yards per attempt with less emphasis on completion percentage. Good quarterbacks will have a high completion percentage if the Steelers pass rush is not proving good pressure in a game. The Steelers defense is predicated on not giving up the big play and forcing opposing quarterbacks to be patient and take what is given them. This also forces them to hit small windows at times and into mistakes.

The bottom table shows the totals for each defensive player thrown at in coverage for the Steelers as well as the completion percentage and yards per attempt.

Let me know if you find any discrepancies.

ETA: Mike Prisuta reported that the 22-yard catch that Roddy White had should be charged to William Gay instead of Keenan Lewis, so the stats have been updated to reflect that change.

Coverage Stats By Play

1-10ATL 2011-J.Jones22-W.Gayshort middleNO005YES
2-10ATL 2084-R.White23-K.Lewisshort rightYES1224YES
1-15ATL 2734-O.Mughelli56-L.Woodleyshort rightYES025YES
2-15ATL 2788-T.Gonzalez94-L.Timmonsshort leftNO005NO
3-15ATL 2711-J.Jones23-K.Lewisdeep rightNO004YES
2-10ATL 4833-M.Turner56-L.Woodleyshort rightNO005YES
3-10ATL 4883-H.DouglasN/Ashort middleINT005YES
1-10ATL 2084-R.White23-K.Lewisshort rightYES1375YES
1-10ATL 3311-J.Jones22-W.Gayshort leftYES1144NO
2-5ATL 4911-J.Jones23-K.Lewisshort rightNO005YES
3-5ATL 4988-T.Gonzalez43-T.Polamalushort rightYES10-15YES
2-7PIT 3811-J.Jones28-C.Butlershort leftYES1105YES
1-10PIT 2784-R.White22-W.Gayshort rightYES22134NO
1-5PIT 584-R.White23-K.Lewisshort rightNO007YES
2-5PIT 583-H.Douglas23-K.Lewisshort rightNO002NO
3-5PIT 588-T.Gonzalez94-L.Timmonsshort leftNO004NO
2-12PIT 4088-T.Gonzalez94-L.Timmonsshort rightYES614NO
3-6PIT 3483-H.Douglas22-W.Gayshort rightYES13-14NO
1-15PIT 2633-M.TurnerN/Ashort middleNO005YES
2-15PIT 2683-H.Douglas30-D.Warrenshort leftYES614NO
3-9PIT 2084-R.White28-C.Butlershort rightYES1004NO
2-10PIT 1084-R.White43-T.Polamalushort middleYES1004NO
1-10ATL 3011-J.Jones28-C.Butlerdeep middleNO003NO
2-10ATL 3088-T.Gonzalez94-L.Timmonsshort rightYES613NO
3-4ATL 3611-J.Jones28-C.Butlershort rightYES1016YES
2-7ATL 4911-J.Jones22-W.Gaydeep middleNO004NO
3-12ATL 4411-J.Jones91-A.Smithshort middleYES22164YES
2-8PIT 3284-R.White28-C.Butlershort rightYES1015YES
1-10PIT 2211-J.Jones30-D.Warrenshort leftNO004NO
2-10PIT 2283-H.Douglas56-L.Woodleyshort leftYES12105YES
2-2PIT 234-O.Mughelli25-R.Clarkshort rightNO005YES
3-12PIT 1211-J.Jones43-T.Polamalushort rightNO005YES
1-10ATL 2084-R.White28-C.Butlershort rightNO004NO
2-10ATL 2088-T.Gonzalez94-L.Timmonsshort rightNO005YES
3-10ATL 2084-R.White28-C.Butlershort rightYES12-15YES
1-10ATL 3244-J.Snelling50-L.Footeshort rightYES304NO
2-7ATL 3511-J.Jones30-D.Warrendeep leftNO004NO
3-7ATL 3584-R.White28-C.Butlershort rightYES12-15YES
1-10ATL 4714-E.Weems28-C.Butlershort rightNO005YES
1-10PIT 3788-T.Gonzalez94-L.Timmonsshort rightYES414NO
2-6PIT 3311-J.Jones30-D.Warrenshort leftYES505YES
3-1PIT 2814-E.Weems22-W.Gayshort leftNO004NO
3-5ATL 2522-J.Rodgers50-L.Footeshort leftYES404NO
1-10ATL 3281-M.Palmer43-T.Polamalushort rightYES19115NO
3-3PIT 4283-H.Douglas22-W.Gayshort middleNO005YES
1-10ATL 1522-J.Rodgers55D-S.Sylvestershort middleYES844NO
1-10ATL 4214-E.Weems26-W.Allendeep middleYES1705NO
1-10PIT 4181-M.PalmerN/Ashort leftNO005YES
2-10PIT 4115-A.Strickland40-C.Brownshort rightYES935YES
2-2PIT 2280-K.Meier28-C.Butlerdeep rightINT004NO
3-2ATL 2815-A.Strickland50-L.Footeshort leftNO004NO
1-10ATL 3315-A.Strickland40-C.Browndeep leftNO004NO
2-10ATL 3380-K.Meier29-R.Mundyshort rightNO003NO
3-10ATL 3317-B.Harvey28-C.Butlershort rightNO004NO
1-10ATL 2386-R.Winterswyk48-M.Ivyshort rightNO005NO
2-10ATL 2312-K.Cone28-C.Butlershort rightYES924NO
2-11ATL 3386-R.Winterswyk29-R.Mundyshort rightNO005YES
3-11ATL 3335-A.SmithN/Ashort rightYES18225YES
2-20ATL 4127-G.JohnsonN/Ashort rightYES593NO
3-15ATL 4618-D.Beaumont30-D.Warrendeep middleNO004NO

Coverage Stats Total

Ryan Clark010%000.000
Ryan Mundy020%000.000
Mortty Ivy010%000.000
William Gay3743%46166.600
Donovan Warren2540%1112.200
Keenan Lewis2633%2594.200
Lawrence Timmons3650%1632.701
Curtis Brown1250%934.500
Crezdon Butler71258%7426.201
LaMarr Woodley2367%12124.000
Larry Foote2367%702.300
Troy Polamalu3475%39109.810
Aaron Smith11100%221622.000
Will Allen11100%17017.000
Stevenson Sylvester11100%848.000
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