Steelers RB John Clay Walks Off Practice Field Monday

Steelers undrafted running back John Clay tried to walk off the practice field today as he reportedly walked towards the lockerroom. Both Mark Kaboly and Ed Bouchette reported the event via Twitter and both said that Clay was tracked down by Steelers staff member and convinced to return. Clay returned in time for drills to end, but this is not a good sign.

Clay left Wisconsin a year early as he figured he was a lock to be drafted. He wasn\’t and going undrafted hurt him according to reports. While he is a big powerful back, he is one dimensional and he has a long way to go in his development. He has almost no chance at making the 53 man roster and this incident today may have hurt his chances at making the practice squad.

Stay tuned as this is developing and Clay might not make it to the game against the Eagles.

  • Intropy

    He has an outside shot against Dwyer and a decent shot at the practice squad. I hope it’s a one time hiccup that is now past and corrected.

    But if he’s going to walk, I’d prefer he does it right now and not take the reps from Dwyer, who could probably use the practice, and the camp spot from another player who wants to try to make the team. And on the other side of things, he might still have time to enroll for the fall of his senior year.

    Of course that’s all assuming he was walking to the locker room to throw in the towel and not to pick up his lucky jock strap which he forgot to put on this morning.

  • Thomas

    He runs a 4.8 maybe he’s a fullback.

  • Pittsteelers147

    make him the back-up tight end!!!

  • Jriggs

    Wow!!! Ur such a hater. It funny how “spectators”, which is what yall are, always have something to say about an athlete. I want to see yo try to makethe practice squad. Learnto grow up and keep people’s names out of your mout if you cant do what they are doing.

  • Intropy

    Was that aimed at me? My post was the one to which you replied, so I will assume it was. I don’t think what I said would be prototypical of “hater.” I said first that I hope John Clay perseveres, which I think is really quite the opposite of hatred. I did follow that up by expressing a hope that if he does not intend to complete camp he leave as soon as possible so that players who do wish to do so can make good use of that opportunity. Further I suggest that in the case he doesn’t wish to complete camp, then leaving soon may afford Clay a better opportunity to complete his university studies, which would be advantageous to him. In summary, my post expressed a hope that everything work out in the best way consistent with their wishes for all parties involved.

    As to you second point, I do not think being able to perform a certain task at a given level is a prerequisite for forming a considered and knowledgeable opinion on an issue.

  • WIsportsfan

    Wisconsin fan here who found this link because I was curious to see how Clay was doing. I covered Clay at Racine Park HS interviewing him the year he was on SI’s all american team as a 6’2 220lb junior. He had all the promise in the world, but simply BALLOONED to over 270 during his final two years at Madison. Any run over 20 yards and he had to tap his helmet to come out. It seems like he’s gotten sloppy and has lost the drive. I’m pulling for the guy, but as a someone who has followed him for so long I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

  • trevor

    I’m glad he left early so he could stop slowing down the rushing attack for wisconsin. I think that’s why he left, he knew he’d be sitting on the sidelines this year if he didn’t