Steelers Slipping In 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Odds To Win 7th Lombardi

The odds makers are slowly losing confidence in the 2011 Steelers team and their chances to win it all this season. The betting site Bodog updated their futures betting lines for the 2011 season this morning and the Steelers are now listed at 14/1 odds to win it all in Super Bowl XLVI that will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Following the Steelers loss to the Packers in Super Bowl XLV, the site had the Steelers at 10/1 odds and they slipped even longer to 12/1 odds just a few months back.

In the latest update, they list the Patriots as the favorite now with 13/2 odds and the Packers are second with 7/1 odds. Also ahead of the Steelers are the Eagles, Chargers and the Jets. The Falcons have a same 14/1 odds as the Steelers do.

Below are the then and now odds for all 32 teams that are current as of this morning.

2012 Super Bowl XLVI Betting Odds

Team Feb Odds Aug Odds
Arizona 75/1 65/1
Atlanta 16/1 14/1
Baltimore 14/1 16/1
Buffalo 100/1 150/1
Carolina 100/1 150/1
Chicago 22/1 28/1
Cincinnati 60/1 100/1
Cleveland 60/1 80/1
Dallas 16/1 16/1
Denver 60/1 80/1
Detroit 50/1 30/1
Green Bay 7/1 7/1
Houston 35/1 28/1
Indianapolis 14/1 18/1
Jacksonville 60/1 75/1
Kansas City 35/1 40/1
Miami 45/1 55/1
Minnesota 35/1 30/1
New England 8/1 13/2
New Orleans 14/1 16/1
NY Giants 20/1 25/1
NY Jets 16/1 12/1
Oakland 50/1 65/1
Philadelphia 16/1 8/1
Pittsburgh 10/1 14/1
San Diego 12/1 11/1
San Francisco 40/1 50/1
Seattle 85/1 80/1
St. Louis 40/1 40/1
Tampa Bay 35/1 30/1
Tennessee 40/1 75/1
Washington 50/1 100/1
  • Dkoy85

    Why? Because they didn’t make a “splash” in free agency like usual? People should know by now Pittsburghs system works. I doublt all the F/A’s the Eagle’s picked up will fit in well with their system. I was saying before the lockout even lifted that I believe the Eagle’s will make the superbowl… Now I hope they don’t.

  • Treybrian4

    You guys a freaking idiots
    I got one thing to say…
    And that’s that the steelers should be the favorites.
    Why you ask?
    Because they’ve done it more than anyone else.
    They’ve won the super bowl 6 times. That’s more than any franchise has ever won.

  • Dan

    Eh, I’ll leave ’em $100 tomorrow and come back in six months to collect the $1,400 that’ll rightfully be mine.

  • Mavman

    look keep doubting my boys it works for us. Keep sleeping on Big Ben he’s just going to prove he’s way more gifted then your so called elite Qb’s manning, brady, rivers, rodgers, and brees. Yeah so what he dont put up 40 points a game but he manages to be consistently aking his team to the big dance, he compliments are defense just perfect. 14/1 no problem all i hear is a pay day.

  • Adcrb

    Hey oddsmakers, here’s a bet: The Steelers WILL make you look like fools when they win the Super Bowl in February 2012.