2011 NFL Week 3 TOX Stats

It is time again to check in on the TOX stats from week 3 and the plus 2 stat took a little beating this past week as 4 of the 13 teams with a plus 2 TOX, lost. The Steelers were 1 of the 9 teams with a plus 2 to win this week. Through the first three weeks, teams with a plus 2 TOX stat in a game are 28-7 and that is right at 80%. I have updated the year to date TOX numbers in the bottom table and 12 teams have a positive TOX stat and those teams combined have a 23-13 record.

If you need refresher course on what the TOX stat is, I have added the video again from Brian Billick from a few years ago that explains the stat and it\’s relevance to making the play-offs. as always, let me know if you find any discrepancies.

Previous Weeks
Week 1 TOX Stats
Week 2 TOX Stats

Week 3OffenseDefenseDifferentialsTOX
TeamPass 20+Run 20+Pass 20+Run 20+20+ DIFFTO DIFTOXW/L
Dallas Cowboys7220707W
Baltimore Ravens5210617W
New York Giants4122134W
San Francisco 49ers3010224W
Seattle Seahawks3220314W
Buffalo Bills7170123W
Chicago Bears5020303L
Houston Texans6050112L
Jacksonville Jaguars22013-12L
Minnesota Vikings4240202L
Oakland Raiders2341022W
Pittsburgh Steelers60204-22W
Tennessee Titans3120202W
Atlanta Falcons30102-11L
Miami Dolphins30102-11L
Kansas City Chiefs4050-110L
San Diego Chargers50401-10W
Cleveland Browns1030-21-1W
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1030-21-1W
Carolina Panthers0122-31-2W
Denver Broncos2031-20-2L
Detroit Lions4042-20-2W
Indianapolis Colts2060-42-2L
New Orleans Saints5060-1-1-2W
New York Jets41230-2-2L
Green Bay Packers2050-30-3W
New England Patriots7071-1-2-3L
Arizona Cardinals2032-3-1-4L
Cincinnati Bengals1030-2-2-4L
Philadelphia Eagles2214-1-3-4L
St. Louis Rams1052-6-1-7L
Washington Redskins207200-7L

2011 YTD TOX

Baltimore Ravens13
Detroit Lions11
Dallas Cowboys10
Chicago Bears7
Cincinnati Bengals6
Oakland Raiders6
Tennessee Titans6
Houston Texans5
San Francisco 49ers4
Buffalo Bills3
New York Jets2
Philadelphia Eagles2
Miami Dolphins0
Minnesota Vikings0
New England Patriots0
New York Giants0
Carolina Panthers-1
New Orleans Saints-1
Washington Redskins-1
Jacksonville Jaguars-2
San Diego Chargers-2
Pittsburgh Steelers-3
Cleveland Browns-4
Seattle Seahawks-4
Green Bay Packers-5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-5
Atlanta Falcons-6
Indianapolis Colts-6
Arizona Cardinals-7
Denver Broncos-9
St. Louis Rams-9
Kansas City Chiefs-10
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