Cowher, Dawson & Bettis Nominees For 2012 Hall Of Fame Class

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced this afternoon that former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher, center Dermontti Dawson and running back Jerome Bettis are among the 103 modern-day nominees for the 2012 Hall of Fame class. This is the first year that Cowher is eligible after leaving coaching following the 2006 season.

The selection committee will next choose 25 candidates from the list who will advance as semifinalist nominees. Those nominees will be announced sometime in mid-November and those 25 will be reduced to 15 in early January after the mail ballots are tabulated. Those 15 will then be considered for election.

Former Steelers defensive back Jack Butler is one of two senior nominees selected last month by the selection committee as well and will be considered for election.

  • Intropy

    Wow. All three are deserving. It’s going to be tough for them considering they will compete with one another.

  • SteelersDepot

    No chance Cowher makes it yet.

  • Dave

    If Dawson doesn’t get in, they might as well just say that no more Centers need to get in.

  • Intropy

    He would be my last pick of the three, but I wonder if the fact that he’s in broadcasting doesn’t give him an edge since he’d be working with people involved in selection. I do think you’re right that he wont get in. My SWAG is that none get in this year and that of the three Dawson gets in first. I’ve no idea about Butler. I also just noticed that Kevin Greene was nominated.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Im with you Dave…I’m not sure he was dominate enough to be a first ballot HOF…not sure if he is one even.

  • Steve Duncan

    I think of the three, Dawson is the most deserving. Cowher I am not sure if he is a HOFer at all.

  • Matthew

    The most deserving Steelers for HOF. Greg Lloyd. Then Dawson, LC Greenwood. The 70s team shouldn’t have more offense than defense in. Bettis next.