Jonathan Scott Ass Block Animated Gif

Perhaps the funniest play from the Steelers 23-20 win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night was the ass block on Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney by Steelers left tackle Jonathan Scott. The play best illustrates the type of night that Scott had trying to handle Freeney. On this play Freeney spins and Scott spins with him and tries to block him with his butt. Freeney then just shoves Scott into quarterback Ben Roethlisberger nearly knocking him to the ground.

Please give the animated gif time to load below:

Jonathan Scott Ass Block Dwight Freeney

  • Intropy

    You know, this might actually be effective. After he bumps into Roethlisberger, Scott plants his feet and ass-blocks Freeney to the ground and blocks another guy as well. If he plants before being pushed so far, he gets a pancake rather than surrendering a hurry. Is it legal to get into your three point stance backwards?

  • Tee Lewis

    Too funny, lol, funny, but effective, lol

  • tequila0341

    Hilarious that Scott’s ass actually manages to get Freeney on the ground. Other than getting shoved into Roethlisberger, the ass shot worked!

  • John

    Lmao! Wow, just wow…

  • Jrob

    the real key to the block being effective is kemo hitting one colt into freeny and knocking him to the ground. At least with scotts head where he normally seems to keep it he still has eye contact with the defensive players.

  • Steve Duncan

    This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so depressing.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    sadly thats a visual of how he took it all game.

  • Score

    He should have finished the play by sitting on Freeney.

  • Joe D

    What gets me is why OL Tackles are so big… they go up against DE or OLB that are smaller and quicker and get burned.
    OL Tackles are in the 325# range…
    DE about 295# range
    OLB about 240#… Harrison for instance.

    Need OL Tackles to be quicker and lighter on their feet. To see these 325# men get bullrushed is sad!!!

  • Thomas

    what the hell is wrong with his strenth and or balance? I seem to see him actually get infront of guys but not be able to block them….is he just not getting low enough?

  • Thomas

    doesn’t help your vision though haha