Mastercard Contest: Share You Priceless Steelers Moment & Win A Pair Of Tickets To The Seahawks Game

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Good luck!!!

  • Fcibrian

    Buying a super bowl ticket from jaws himself. (Yes he said s*** on Monday night) for super bowl xl. Drove from nj to see the black and gold win their 5th super bowl. Cried many tears of joy that night. Been a fan since birth and its my first love! Many tears but way more joys/thrills. Wouldn’t have it any other way! Steelers fan for life!

  • I think it’s still James Harrison body-slamming a Browns fan, haha.

  • Spcbll1

    My priceless moment is simple. Living in chicago, my girlfriend bought me 2 tickets to the final Three Rivers game. We got 50 yard line seats and the game was fun. But the moment was afterward as Steeler greats walked around the field and shook hands with us. Was able to finally meet Jack Lambert. Tickets -$800 meeting my idol – PRICELESS!

  • Janice Hess

    My priceless Steelers moment was in route to their 2005 Superbowl victory, the last 5 games being must wins to make the playoffs. The Chicago Bears come to play @ Heinz field. Jerome Bettis at the goal line takes the handoff from Ben and literally runs over Brian Urlacher with a knee to the helmet in route to a TD. Bettis went on to have his last 100yd rushing game and the Steelers never looked back. Priceless.

  • My priceless steeler moment was when I attended training camp for the first time, and I witnessed more then just camp. I started a twitter account and started following players and one player in particular followed me back. RYAN CLARK!!! So when I went to camp I tweeted him saying how I was outside sweating just to see him practice. Needless to say he tweeted me back telling me to give him a shout out when he came out and he would say hi. So when he came out I should him my phone with the tweet convo and he went nuts! He gave me a hug and said whats up so nice to meet you and actually had a convo with me. Then he said when he comes back out he has something special for me. Ryan came back out with his CLEAT!!!!! He walked over to me and said this is for you girl and signed it personally for me right there. Coolest moment ever and its just a bonus that it was related to the Steelers. Favorite moment, favorite day, favorite player!!!!

  • It would have to be at last seasons Super Bowl Pep Rally. The whole family went. The crowd was AWESOME and the players that was there to pump us was fabulous. It felt like one big happy family. The support, smiles, music and Steely. What a great night.

  • My priceless moment came in 2008. My brother, my grandpa, and I went to the Steelers vs. Browns game in Cleveland. It poured down rain the whole game but of course the Steelers were the victors. This game is especially priceless to me because it was the first and last game that I got to attend with my grandpa because he passed away less than a year later. It was and always will be one of my fondest memories.

  • It was my wife’s birthday in 2009, and it just happened to fall on Superbowl Sunday. Gretchen was not a Steelers fan when I met her. After a trip to Pittsburgh to see the Colts vs. Steelers convinced her that the city and the team were the best.

    So I through her a birthday party and me a superbowl party in a bar that I am a small investor. As the game went on, with all the ups and downs our nervousness grew.

    Then Ben led them down the field and threw that miracle pass to Santonio Holmes and her birthday present was a sixth Steelers Superbowl!

    Our greatest Steeler moment!

  • Melissa Bobby

    I’m from Baltimore, Maryland, but born and raised a Steelers fan. I was at the playoff game this winter against the Baltimore Ravens. We were so discouraged at half time when we were down by two touchdowns. But in the middle of the third quarter, you could literally feel a change in the momentum. They played Renegade on the screen and the stadium absolutely went wild. It really was the crowd that day that helped bring the Steelers to victory. I was part of that crowd. It was an unbelievable day, unforgettable moment. And it was the best feeling in the world to parade around in support of MY team, in the eerily quiet city of Baltimore the next day.

  • Steve_r_vb

    My priceless steelers moment came a few years back it was the first steelers game i ever got to attend in person. The game was between the steelers and the cowboys. A few of my friends and i got tickets and drove the 9 hours to the game. We even allowed one of our buddies thats a cowboys fan to go with us. The whole first half of the game he talked trash about how the cowboys were taking it to the steelers. Then as if by some strike of lighting romo threw the pick to deshea townsend and he ran it in for 6. Heinz feild erupted and i littereally couldnt hear my buddy standing right next to me. Thinking about that moment gives me chills ti this day.

  • Josh Bumbaugh

    My most priceless Pittsburgh Steeler memory occurred during the 2008 playoffs against the Ravens. I had been anxiously waiting for for this game for eons, with my tickets in hand. I watched Willis McGahee catch a short pass in the flat. Before he had even turned around, I saw Ryan Clark was beelining at top speed for McGahee. I screamed “BOOM!” as I knew Clark was going to flatten McGahee. Well, McGahee turned around just in time to get rocked and fumble the ball. The whole stadium shook as the fans went wild. Clarks hit could be felt and heard throughout the stadium. I’m getting goosebumps right now just writing about it. I LOVE FOOTBALL!

  • Laura Shannon

    My priceless Steelers moment came at the Steelers/Browns game in Cleveland last season. Having moved to Cleveland 7 years ago, I take a lot of heat for staying loyal to my boys in Black & Gold.

    I had great seats in the endzone and we were really excited when Polamalu picked off Colt McCoy. The next play, Ben throws a long pass to Mike Wallace for a touchdown!! Here comes my moment…. Mike Wallace came through the endzone and handed me the football (he also signed it after the game). By far, the coolest moment of my life! Luckily, a photographer from the Tribune caught it on camera, and I was on the front page of the paper the next morning!

    4 tickets to the game in Cleveland: $420. Supplies to make a sign: $25. Getting to keep a ball from your favorite football team: Priceless!!

  • Rickpasko

    My priceless moment was sitting in the Endzone when the Steelers beat the Patriots on the playlets. Would like to take my son to the game.

  • The week before the beginning of the 1978 season, a family friend (Tim Rooney, who was then their chief scout) invited my dad and I to come down to the stadium and watch practice. During the practice, I sat in the dugout with Art Sr.

    After, I got to meet everybody in the locker room, but the highlight of the day was meeting Bradshaw. He was really giving with his time. From my left, I heard a guy ask who my 3 favorite Steelers were.

    I was as much of a suckup then as I am now – I said “Franco, and Terry…” and then I read the nameplate on his locker, and continued, saying “and Tony Dungy.”

    Also, I told Bradshaw he was going to go 14-2 that year. I was right about one of the losses (Houston).

    I’m living in Seattle now, and will be taunting the Seahawks fans at a local watering hole, but I’m sure my Brother-In-Law and my nephew who live in Butler would love to go in my place.

  • mike pollice

    My parents came to America from Italy they always worked 2 jobs never took a vacation, at the age of 65 I took them to a Steeler game. It was one of my most cherished memories.

  • Derrick Clancy

    My Priceless moment is cleary witnessing my first super bowl. Seeing Jerome Bettis leave the game on a high note in his hometown. Then the suspense from him fumbling, Big ben shoestring tackle, that Superbowl run was greaaaat clearly the priceless moment!!
    -Derrick Clancy – @DA_KID_DC

  • Bcassler

    Taking my children home to Pittsburgh last year to see my mom and to see where I grew up.
    So good
    Taking my children to see the Steelers at training camp in beautiful Latrobe
    Having Mean Joe talk to me and my grandson, and then having my grandson get Big Ben’s autograph
    Almost Priceless
    Seeing the look in my four year old grandson’s eyes when he got to see the Steelers in person-Now that was priceless and unforgettable.

  • Berrypeanuts

    my priceless steeler moment was when i finally got a chance to go to a game but had to buy tickets from the “scalpers” in the parking lot. he shows me the seats. last row, lower level 50 yard line. hey, great! ill take them. so i give him the cash. about 200 or so. (it was 1999) and we go to the stadium. once inside we realize that we had 1 ticket there and one in the end zone peanut heaven. steelers won the game……vs the oilers……priceless. id love to attend a game and sit side by side with my husband this time.

  • Ripney66

    Each and every game I watched with my dad growing up is a priceless moment. That’s how I learned to love the Steelers – by watching him. He is a true fan of not just the Steelers, but the game of football itself. Watching the Supoer Bowl wins together was especially sweet.

  • Ndnswoman

    my priceless moment was last year my oldest daughter took me to go see steelers vs. bungals in cincy…i ACTUALLY got to see my stelers..not close up but i didnt care i can always say i seen them…that was just about the last time i seen my daughter..she was a steeler fan also. my

  • Pitlal2424

    Been a die hard steeler fan my whole life and I live 2 hours from Pittsburgh. I had never been to a game before but as a surprise my friend got me tickets to the playoff game against the Browns about ten years ago. Walking into the stadium is a memory I will never forget and always be thankful for as the best gift ever. Not only that but the steelers got the win in a tight game and advanced in the playoffs. I remember being mesmerized by the whole expierience. When they won the stadium was full of happiness and everyone seemed to be all a part of the same giant force: cheering for the Pittsburgh steelers!!! I don’t know how much money was spent but this truly was a priceless moment I will always remember ! Go steelers!!!

  • Eric Baumgardner

    My first memory as being a Steeler fan is my priceless one indeed. My father was a come and go father at best. I was being raised by my mother as he was doing his 70’s thing, if ya know what i mean. But the day in the early 70’s that he gave me the black and white photo of the great Franco Harris that read,”To Eric, Best of luck, Franco Harris” was indeed a priceless moment. I love my father very much and he eventually made his ship right. This summer when I visited LaTrobe for the first time, the great Ryan Clark was the first to sign my son’s football. At 43 i love the Steelers as much as i did, if not more, than in the early 70’s. Here we go!

  • Alambert1980

    my priceless steelers moment would 110% be the steelers vs the colts afc championship game

    we came up with a brilliant idea of making the opposing teams quarterback a voodoo doll out of the newspaper pic wrapped around a sock of their quarterback and sticking pins in everywhere you would want to hamper the qbs play

    well at the end of game when i thought we had the game in the bag i started to take out the pins in order to stomp on the doll and then the unthinkable happened bettis fumbled the ball

    my dad screaming its all your fault and put them back in as soon as i got the last pin in there was good ole big ben making the game saving tackle wow what a freaky night lol

  • Mjbakota

    One of the best moments in Steelers history to me has to be the 1990 playoff game in Denver when Hodd or Hoge or that #33 is killing us a Denver lb was overheard saying. Denver had not allowed a 100 yard rusher all yr either. Insert a scat back from Idaho St to shred them apart. He also had about 6 or 7 catches too. After all said and done, Hoge ran for almost 200 yards and a playoff win at Mile High. As a 12 yr boy, I became a diehard ever since thanks to Merrill Hoge

  • Ktbrew202

    My husband and I were married July of 2010 and waited until the weekend of October 31st to take our honeymoon. We went to New Orleans for the Sunday night game of Saints vs Steelers. I was very nervous about wearing my Steelers gear but wasn’t going to back out because we live in Montana and don’t know when we will see our team again. I had to represent my team in a live setting!
    Once i got over my fears and stepped out of the hotel to walk to the Superdome, my fears disappeared. EVERYWHERE I looked, people were proudly walking around in their Steelers gear. There was just as many Steeler fans as Saints fans. I felt like we were all part of a long lost family gathering to support eachother and our team!
    The Steelers lost that night but their fans held their heads high and smiled at other Steelers fans, said hello, offered words of encouragement just like a real family does. My Steelers moment was feeling like true part of that great family. I will never forget my awesome honeymoon and that amazing feeling of Steeler Nation united!

  • Chargerz4me

    My priceless Steelers moment was February 5, 2006. My dad was hospitalized with a stroke the day before the Steelers vs. Seahawks Super Bowl game. I cancelled my previous plans and spent the evening of the game, watching the game with my dad in his hospital room. The nurses were very kind, letting me stay well beyond normal visiting hours and see the whole game.

    Dad was pretty groggy and had vision problems from the stroke. I had to give him updates of what was going on. Turned out the be the last SB that I got to watch with him, but I am glad we had the opportunity.

  • DakArturo

    My priceless moment came back in 2007 when I went with my best friend to Foxboro for the only Steeler game i’ve been to. Unfortunately as we all know the Steelers never beat New England, and watching Anthony Smith get burnt for 3 TD’s after guaranteeing a win was painful to watch. Though the game turned out terribly, it was quite an experience walking around Foxboro and getting booed in my Polamalu jersey. Lets go steelers!

  • Kevin Spaulding

    My priceless moment would have to be going up to Heinz field for the very first time with my father ten years ago. They played the Detroit lions in the preseason home opener august 25, and ended up winning 20 – 7 with QBs Tommy Maddox an kordell Stewart behind center. A first pro game I will never forget spent with my father. Would love to make it up there again this Sunday if the chance was given!

  • Rkyle Myers

    It was the Steelers week 4 game vs the Baltimore Ravens last year. Some buddies of mine asked me if I could help him pick up a bike that morning before the game to which I replied, “Only if we can get there and back before the game starts”. Little did I know I was falling into their plan. We drove and drove for a few hours and eventually I said, “Dude, we’re almost in Pittsburgh. Do you have any clue where you’re going?” He reached in his bag saying, “Here, let me get the instructions.” He pulls out 3 tickets to the Steelers, Ravens home game!

    “This is your bachelor party bro!”

    I was getting married in a few weeks…

    Now I normally see through any kind of shenanigans, but this is one I have to say I never saw coming. I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how they actually tricked me into this. We all laughed for a while and then pure excitment ensued. I’ve been a long time fan of the Steelers but have never been to a game so this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

    We pulled into a parking garage that is already packed with the best people man can create. It was then 8AM and the buddy of mine who was in the back seat and I hopped out of the truck. 30 seconds later our other friend (the driver) hopped out and started laughing. We haven’t been standing for a minute and had 2 beers in our hands. Rants and Raves were soaring through the construct. The Steelers Polka was being sung by the most tone deaf fans I’ve ever heard.

    We left the garage and probably high fived 10 people on the way out. It was impossible to not talk strategy with everyone in this town.

    Just outside of the stadium were the real tailgaters. Steelers painted vans and trucks were everywhere. At one point I was handed a plate full of food. I’m not talking celery or carrots, I’m talking plates of potatoes, perogies, Italian sausage, Fried chicken, and the works. At this point we haven’t spent a dime!

    As we were walking to our seats my buddy said to me, “Now these aren’t the most expensive seats, but it’s all we could afford”. I didn’t care. I was in a place were everyone was as fanatic as I. My seat was in the highest row in the closed end of the stadium all the way to the left. Yep, I had the corner. And you know what? It was just as fantastic as the sideline. There was not one person around me with a sour attitude.

    Kickoff time!

    I stood up and started stomping my feet and making as much cheering noise as I could. This apparently wasn’t good enough for some of the locals as they came over and showed us how it was done! There was a big circle metal sign hanging on the chain fence behind us. He stood right in the middle of it and Slammed it as hard as he could back and forth between his left and right hands for a good 2 minutes. He stopped. His hands were bright red. Nothing phases a Steelers fan.

    Even though the game ended in disappointment I didn’t mind. Even though I didn’t get to see the man who led the Steelers to a Super Bowl winning drive, I didn’t care. Even though the traffic in that town was awful on the way home, it just didn’t matter me. I still was in awe that I was in Pittsburgh watching my favorite team ever.

    This is the experience I will always remember about my Steelers. It isn’t necessarily about meeting players, or sharing stories with them. But it’s about the whole experience and one that couldn’t have been any better. We didn’t have much money. We didn’t have the best seats. We didn’t cheer the loudest. But, we did have the city of Pittsburgh rooting along side us. It’s hard to feel out of place in this town!

    I can’t imagine how special it is for the players of this team

  • Keith R

    My priceless Pittsburgh Steelers moment would have to be taking my dad to our first AFC championship game against the Ravens. That was by far the coolest moment I have ever had with my father. The energy and vibe in the stadium was like no other. I would love to win these tickets because there is nothing better than a Steelers game.

  • Steve Duncan

    My priceless Pittsburgh Steelers moment was going to my first Steelers game: the Sunday Night game against Baltimore at the old Three Rivers Stadium in 1997. My best friend and I were able to move up into the configurable section at about the 40 yard line. It was amazing, Every time there was a big play, the whole section would literally get to bouncing up off the ground from the crowd intensity. And there were A LOT of big plays: Vinny Testaverde threw 3 INTs, Bam Morris in his return to Pittsburgh ran for less than 40 yards, and Norm Johnson made a TD saving tackle by bodyslamming a guy right in front of us. Final Score: Steelers 37, Raves 0, and that is still the largest margin of victory in the series. It was a great night.

  • Dolores Adair

    In January of 1979, my father, a steelworker and a hardcore Steelers fan, and I were in our game room watching the Superbowl. I was just a kid then, maybe 8 years old. I can remember my normally unemotional dad watching from the edge of his seat as we won our third championship and he got up, picked me up and hugged me, tossed me up in the air, yelling, “WE WON! WE WON!” He hugged me again and I realized my dad was crying. Not just a few victory tears, either. My dad was sobbing. It was then that I realized we were not just Steeler fans, we were a part of the Steelers family and every time we win a game, I remember that day.

  • I’ve had a lot of great moments watching the Steelers, whether at a game, or with a bunch of friends watching at somebody’s house. But if I had to knock it down to one moment, then there just isn’t any question that it was the AFC Championship game at Three Rivers Stadium in January 1996 against the Colts. But before I get to that moment, I have to go through the prequel a little bit.

    In 1994 & 1995, I was in still in graduate school at Pitt but working part-time for a firm downtown. Somebody down there had a friend that did work at the bankruptcy court and somehow would purchase season tickets from bankruptcy estates. If he could get better tickets than his own tickets, he’d sell his. So a buddy & I were able to score his season tickets for those 2 seasons. I have to tell you, some of the defenses I’ve seen during the Cowher & Tomlin eras have been something else, but the ’94 version might top any since the 70’s. Woodson was unreal that year. Chad Brown could do it all from inside linebacker. Levon Kirkland was starting to settle in as a starter. Joel Steed was a rock at the nose. Lloyd & Greene absolutely terrorized offensive lines. But when the offense basically opted for Schottenheimer tactics in the second quarter, it only took a couple of fluke plays for the Chargers to take the lead near the end.

    Now if you know the configuration of Three Rivers Stadium, it was basically a circle. The portable stands would be right up along the sideline, but those seats were so low, you were typically blocked by the bench areas from a lot of the action. In the upper decks, due to the circle shape, the 50 yard line seats were actually the furthest from the field. So the best seats were the ones right behind the goal posts. And that’s where we were that day. The action on the field right in front of us. The jumbotron right behind us. Unfortunately, as I watched the Neil O’Donnell pass on 3rd down come up short, I knew not to watch the 4th down pass. I knew it was doomed. But it was right there, directly below our seats and I can still see the ball leave O’Donnell’s hand and see for a split second Barry Foster turning to it right as he gets to the goal line only to see it knocked down. And if you’ve ever heard the expression, “You could feel the air leave the stadium”, that’s exactly what happened. It was a horrible time. I couldn’t believe that defense had given up the lead like that.

    Fast forward to 1996. Same seats. Conference championship game again. And again, the offense is sputtering badly. This year, the offense had carried the team at times and is facing a Colts team that was supposed to be defeated easily in the Wild Card round and certainly had no hope against a #1 seed Chiefs team at Arrowhead. Tony Siragusa, in his pre-Ravens days, is just collapsing the run game. If Dirt Dawson had a kryptonite, is was the Goose. And near the end of the 4th quarter, the Steelers find themselves down again. Quentin Coryatt manages to keep the Steelers alive by dropping an easy interception, an almost certain pick six, and O’Donnell, Ernie Mills and Bam Morris make them pay with 7 in the north end zone. Now the tables have turned. The Colts are making a desperation drive having given up the lead with little time remaining. They are driving for the same South end zone with my buddy, Darrin, and I twisting between each play to turn and watch the reply on the jumbotron behind us. And just as O’Donnell and the Steelers had the year before, the Colts waste no time in threatening deep in to Steeler territory. But with just seconds left, Jim Harbaugh must throw a desperation heave to a spot just feet from where the pass to Foster was rejected. During the live action, the crowd of players around the pass made it impossible to see what happened; how close Aaron Bailey had come to grasping the ball while lying on his back on the Three Rivers turf. But as the official waved his arms to signal the incompletion, the crowd went totally berserk. I don’t know how many complete strangers I high-fived and hugged and screamed “Super Bowl!” at in the next five minutes.

    It’s easy for a cynic to dismiss football as just a game or a diversion to pass away a Sunday afternoon or, worse, an excuse for degenerates to get wasted in public and act like idiots. At times, fans do get carried away or obsess over wins & losses far too long after the contest is over. But I can honestly say that football is a part of the fabric of our community and identity. And that conference championship where I got to experience that explosion of excitement with sixty thousand other people is something I can’t imagine ever being surpassed.

  • Jim Dominy

    My priceless memory is this, It was the only Steelers game I have ever been to. It was New Years 2006 I went with my brother he woke me up that day saying I got you a birthday Present which I thought was pretty wierd because my birthday wasn’t until the 13th. So I asked what it was and he said
    “I Know how much you love the Steelers so we’re going to the game today.” I was so excited because I would get to see the Steelers and spend the day with my brother. It doesn’t end there though what topped off this truly priceless memory was it would be the last Home game of one of my Idols Jerome “The Bus” Bettis. The whole Crowd cheered for him “One More Year” it was truly a touching moment to be there with my brother and watch my heroes win the game en route to their 5th superbowl.

  • Scott P Inman

    A priceless moment for me would have to be last year with my dad when I went to two games with him. We went to the terrible Patriots Sunday night game together and watch Tom Brady woop on the Steelers secondary. We knew it was over by halftime. We also got lucky enough to get tickets to the AFC divisional game and at halftime there was just a little different vibe. Yes, the Steelers were losing by 14, but we for some reason had a better feeling about it, some kinda of premonition that the Steelers weren’t going to lose to the Ravens in a meaningful game. Just some sort of cool father son moment.

  • My priceless moment was back in 2005 after we lost to the bengals. Me and my friend were sitting around the lunch table talking about how everyone thought the season was over. We were both wearing our jerseys as we always have on mondays win or lose. Unlike a lot of people that lost faith we stated that we would wear our jerseys every day until the Super Bowl because we would be in it. We all know how great the season ended so we started out the next season also wearing our jerseys every day. Well fast forward 6 years and about 20 jerseys later and there are a lot of people that have never seen me without a Steelers jersey on.

  • Sharon Fair-Rogalski

    I was 8 months pregnant with my 2nd child for the AFC Championship game against the Colts the year we lost to the Cowboys in the SB. There was a big snowfall the day before the game & we walked down from Mt Washington. Walked all through downtown after game. Fun!

  • Jon Dorsey

    Just wanted to say first I love your podcast listen to them all! My priceless steeler moment was when I first became a fan. My uncles always grew up Steeler fans but I never jumped on the wagon as a kid. They were huge fans but I never understood. But they finally convinced me to come to Pittsburgh with them one weekend and that was enough for me. I am from Baltimore and fortunately still live here and have to deal with Raven fans. But my moment is when I first entered the city and experienced the city and the love they have for their team. It was fascinating how invested the city and the people who live here are to their team. The strip district was decked out with black and gold and everyone around wearing steeler stuff. My moment isn’t similar to many other moments because it wasn’t a game it was the love and loyalty that this city and fans have for their team. It gave me chills to see and I couldn’t help but want to be apart of this amazing fan base and great organization. I am 22 now and have been a fan for 10 years converting people like I was converted! I will be around this weekend just to clarify. Thanks and Go Steelers

    Jon Dorsey

  • JoeyTheFlash

    I believe it was Dec 2000. Steelers vs Raiders. The second to last game in Three Rivers. To my left sits my brother John, and beside him a very drunk Steeler fan. In front of us all sits two oakland raider fans, mid twenties if I were to guess. It was a guy and his girlfriend. It was some time in the 2nd quarter, and the raider fans had been consistently harassed. The gentleman to the left, if you can call him a gentleman, looks at me and my brother and says “watch this.” He then proceeds to urinate in one of his empty beer bottles. A few minutes later as the Raider fan stood up to cheer, the drunk Steeler fan empties his Urine filled beer bottle onto the Raider fan’s seat. He sits down and gets soaked in drunk Steeler fan pee. He has no idea what happened, he looked to his girlfriend in confusion and then excused himself to the restroom. No joke, we never saw this man return. His girlfriend sat lonesome for the rest of the game. Yes, I felt bad for these folks, but still is a memorable event in Three Rivers. The Steeler fan also consistency harassed the raider fan saying “you’re probably not even from Oakland in California, you’re from Oakland in Pittsburgh. That doesn’t count!”

  • My priceless Pittsburgh Steelers moment was when I first got interested in football back in 2007.. I began watching football with my brother and my brother was a patriots fan and that was the only team I liked starting out. As you know, 2007 is the year the patriots went undefeated in the regular season and nearly went all the way. There was a lot to like about the patriots high powered offense. But I decided to see if there is another team worth going for, a team of my own and not my brothers. At that time everyone I knew went for Patriots,Cowboys,Colts,etc. I wanted to find a team that was under the radar, an underdog type of team, and so I watched a couple of games of several teams, but 1 team caught my attention, That team was of course, The Pittsburgh Steelers. It was the game against The Miami Dolphins. That was one of the messiest game I have ever seen, and I remember everything about that game, from the score (3-0), to the stick ’em punt, to the sloppy field,sloppy conditions,sloppy game. It was a downright messy game, yet for some reason one of the best I have seen. It was a simply a defensive drag-it-out kind of game and it showed me that the steelers are not afraid to get dirty. Who would have known that 1 of the worst games played by the Steelers would have made a person root for the Steelers from then on? And you know what? The following year?.. Superbowl baby! nuff said! 🙂

  • Plowhead

    Well my best friend is a huge steelers fan but has never went to a game. Her favorite player is troy and he is her hero…. She always looks at him for inspiration. I would love to take her to a steelers game.