Steelers 2011 Formation Passing & Rushing Stats Through Week 3

The Steelers now have 3 games in the books and there is now enough data to start tracking the formation stats. The formations should not be confused with personnel packages. Personnel packages are packages by position, not formation.

All of these formations listed were at the snap of the ball and after all motions. In the formations below, if a tight end or wide receiver was lined up as an h-back in the backfield, he was counted as a running back. On the flip-side if a tight end was not down on the end of the line of scrimmage, he was deemed a wide receiver in the formation.

As the table shows below, the most used formation has been the 10, which is 1 player lined up as a running back or h-back and 4 wide receivers. It has produced 1 touchdown and 355 yards of offense. The next most used snap formation is the 11, which consist of 1 player lined up as a running back or h-back, 1 player as a tight end and 3 players lined up as wide receivers. This has produced 235 yards of offense and 1 touchdown.

As far as empty sets go, you combine the first two rows which would be the 0 and the 1 formations. This totals 38 plays. Passing wise it has resulted in 14 completions on 30 attempts for 173 yards passing. It also has resulted in 4 sacks, 3 scrambles, 1 touchdown and 4 of the 9 sacks. The yards per passing attempt with empty sets is a mere 5.77.

Please feel free to post your additional observations below in the comments and any questions you may have. Please alert me to any discrepancies you might find and I hope to post these now weekly.

0RB 0TE 5WR27177.00211048%1336.3213218
0RB 1TE 4WR11000.009444%404.400119
1RB 0TE 4WR4310282.80302067%32710.911300
1RB 1TE 3WR3813372.80241875%1988.310100
1RB 2TE 2WR154235.809778%15917.701027
1RB 3TE 1WR6451.302150%31.500000
2RB 0TE 3WR9200.017457%486.900000
2RB 1TE 2WR1610656.516583%376.200000
2RB 2TE 1WR1515241.60000%00.000000
2RB 3TE 0WR3382.70000%00.000000
3RB 0TE 2WR33134.30000%00.000000
3RB 1TE 1WR43165.3011100%1212.000000
3RB 2TE 0WR3200.00000%00.000100

  • Oscar

    Nice work. Couple of comments:

    1. What about the 0 RB / 3 WR / 2 TE (83+82) set they used a few times vs the Colts?

    2. The Redman TD run came out of a 3 WR / 1 RB / 1 TE set and not out of a 4 WR / 1 RB set

  • SteelersDepot

    Actually had that run tagged right as Ward was tagged as an h-back on that play. I had 1 yd TD run by Mendenhall in the wrong column.

  • SteelersDepot

    To the 2TE question with Miller & Saunders, have those tagged as a 0 formations as both were standing up and not tucked on end of LOS.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    something that stands out is that everytime we use no TE’s we seem to complete fewer passes and get sacked a lot more. I guess it would be relevant on what the down and distance was also.

  • Smheart78

    So, what does this mean? It appears that the 2 RB, 1 TE and 2WR set is the most productive. On paper, I like the concept as it could create some misdirection, has the ability to keep extra blockers in the backfield, and is used effectively in both runs and passes (both at 6+Yards per play). Also, it puts our best players on the field.