Steelers Have Contacted Flozell Adams, But Not Max Starks

The Steelers have likely lost right tackle Willie Colon possibly for the season with a triceps injury and they reportedly have already reached out to Flozell Adams according to Ed Bouchette. Bouchette talked to Jordan Woy, Adams agent, today and Woy confirmed the two sides have had discussions, but nothing is imminent at this time. Adams was released during the first few days of training camp after the Steelers re-signed Colon to a long term contract. Adams was scheduled to earn $5 million this year prior to his release.

Many have speculated that former Steelers left tackle Max Starks might be contacted as well, but a source informed me tonight that Starks has not been contacted yet at the time of this post. The source also told me that Starks has lost a good amount of weight and is no where near 400 pounds now. The biggest obstacle the Steelers have will be what a free agent tackle with any talent might command salary wise. If and when Colon goes on injured reserve he will still count against the cap. The Steelers were roughly $4.4 million under the cap prior to the new contract signed by Troy Polamalu on Saturday, but the official numbers of that contract have are not yet known.

  • Joe D

    What I’m surprised about is that those that go on IR and are basically out for the season.. Leftwich, Batch, Colon… their salaries count toward salary CAP.
    They shouldn’t count… that will mean teams need to not only stay under CAP but keep a few million just in case need to add to roster during season!!!

  • J.C.

    Who cares. they have bigger concerns. First of all realizing Aaron Smith is done. Also, somehow getting harrison out and worlds in. And lastly, finding another cornerback before playing New England. What happened to the deep ball against Baltimore? Baltimore was supposed to have the offensive line issues, not us. Instead, Ben had no time. This is not looking good. And more thing, will someone please show that idiot mendenhall how to hold a football. Everytime he runs I hold my breath.

  • Kevin

    I agree with most of your points, but I don’t blame Mendenhall for fumbling. Sure, he had his eyes close, but I don’t know many backs in the league that would have held on to that ball.

  • George S

    I can’t believe the Steelers haven’t reached out to Max Starks. He played on all three Super bowl teams and know the system. I still think he was the best olineman they had.

  • Mpsizek

    Max Starks would be the logical choice, but don ‘t know what money he would command. Flozell has trouble pass blocking. Also, I think it would be wise to start coaching up some of reserve linebackers at this time. Mcfadden really, really, really gotta go. Somewhere!

  • Dave

    That has been the rule for years now, ever since there was a salary cap. It is nothing new with the new CBA.

  • Will

    The Steelers didn’t blitz more that 4 players against the Ravens in fear of the deep pass. You either blitz heavy, or let them tourch the weak corners (outside Taylor).

  • axel718

    Relax people, the Steelers aren’t as bad as they played and the Ravens are not as good as they played. The Ravens were still pissed off about the playoffs last year and that was their motivation for the game. If the Steelers come out this week and lay another egg against Seattle then I would start to worry.