Steelers Lose 35-7 To The Ravens In Week 1 – Game Recap

The Steelers lost Sunday 35-7 to the Baltimore Ravens in week 1 of the 2011 season and it was not pretty. The Steelers offense turned the ball over 7 times and the defense allowed 6 explosive plays of 20 yards or more in the loss. The Ravens tight ends and running back Ray Rice caused havoc for the Steelers on the day as Rice rushed for 107 yards and chipped in another 42 yards in catches. The Ravens tight ends had 7 catches for 104 yards and one touchdown on the day and Anquan Boldin added 4 catches of his own for 74 yards and a touchdown. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco finally got a win against Ben Roethlisberger as he threw for 224 yards on 29 attempts with 3 touchdowns. The Steelers defense did a poor job getting pressure on Flacco throughout the game and only sacked him once.

On the flip side the Steelers offensive line allowed pressure all day on Roethlisberger and he was sacked 4 times on Sunday to go with his 3 interceptions. Mike Wallace had 107 yards on 8 catches, but most of it came with the game well out of reach. The Steelers ran the ball 16 times for 66 yards in the loss.

There were not many, if any, bright spots on the Steelers offensive line today with left tackle Jonathan Scott struggling against Terrell Suggs and right guard Doug Legursky having problems with Haloti Ngata. Suggs forced 2 of the 4 fumbles and Ngata forced another 1 of the 4.

The Steelers linebacker group really had a bad game as they had no answer against the run or in pass coverage as they trailed the tight ends or Rice out of the backfield all game.

One of the few bright spots on the day was cornerback Ike Taylor, who was seeing his first action since breaking his thumb against the Redskins early in the Steelers first preseason game.

The Steelers only real injury suffered in the game was a knee contusion suffered by James Harrison. Harrison had a rough time with new Ravens left tackle Bryant McKinnie and actually was substituted for Jason Worilds during the game for a bit.

The Steelers start the season 0-1 and host the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday at Heinz Field.

You can listed to the Mike Tomlin post game press conference here and we have more content coming on this embarrassing loss to start the season.

  • Steve Duncan

    Bright spots? Well, the game is over so they can’t turn it over anymore…

    Wallace, Taylor and Brown played decent, but that’s it.

  • Steve Duncan

    And J. Scott is terrible. I was upset they were going into the season with him as the starter before. Now I am livid.

  • Is it possible to bring Max Starks back and move colon back to guard? I don’t believe Starks has signed anywhere. Or Flozell even.

  • Joe D

    Lets face facts!!!

    Steelers got SPANKED!!!!
    So much for “experience”… I call it baltimore youth beat steeler senior citizens.

  • Thomas

    I dont even know what to say…that was just plain awful! I think Ziggy should take that RE spot back. Troy was invisible, takling was shit, Harrison got his ass wipped by a guy that was cut a week ago…what the hell is going on? X_X

  • I agree, Ziggy needs to be transitioned in and Smith out. Ironhead Jr. Got some time in. I would love to see those 2 as the bookends next year.

  • Msmcm

    yes very true ziggy hood should be the starter, keisel and A. smith are getting old and slow same with steelers need to use
    the younger d-line put heyward in there and play him more.
    the o-line needs an overhaul, ben made a lot of mistakes probably a bad game for him. well forget this one and learn
    from it

  • Msmcm

    more like this year especially ziggy, hes a proven and hes younger, faster, and probably has the same strength as A. smith, A. smith is wearing down from age

  • Kyle Owens

    Can someone explain how The Ravens can revamp their offensive line in a shorted off-season and is 10X better than the guys we lined up out there today?? They don’t even know each others names. Oh and Kraig Urbik >>Doug Legursky


  • Steve Duncan

    A bit too early to straight out panic…

  • Dabbate95

    The Steelers got spanked is right!!!! But this loses can be blamed on one person, “Doug Legursky”. This guy has no right to be the starting RG, he is way too small, too weak and has done nothing to deserve being named the starter. What are the Steelers thinking?!?! Ramon Forster is bigger, stronger and started there last year and was not even given a chance to compete for the spot this year. The Steelers need to fix this now or it will be a long season for Ben and our running game.

  • Steve Duncan

    This loss is on the whole team. Legursky doesn’t play defense. He didn’t get gashed on the ground. He wasn’t the only one letting Suggs run wild…