Steelers Mike Tomlin Colts Post Game Press Conference Week 3

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held his post game press conference following the Steelers 23-20 win over the Indianapolis Colts tonight on the road at Lucas Oil Stadium. Below is the audio from the presser and a short recap.


As far as injuries go Tomlin said Doug Legursky and Marcus Gilbert both had shoulder injuries, but did not elaborate on the seriousness of them. He also said Arnaz Battle suffered a hamstring injury and was not able to finish. He did not have an injury update on Jonathan Scott. Tomlin said Mewelde Moore was in the game late instead of Rashard Mendenhall because they were in their 2 minute offense. He said he is not making excuses for the play tonight and praised the play of the Colts. He said he doesn\’t care how it looks and is only glad to get out of AFC stadium with win.

Full recap later.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Looked like Tomlin had tears in his eyes in the interview…they need to be coached up…saying the right things doesnt mean anything if they are not playing smart

  • Steve Duncan

    They NEED to get rid of Scott. He is downright hazardous to Ben’s health and the future of the franchise. Gilbert with one arm played better at LT than that scrub.

  • Hiddenaway

    Scott is likely hurt anyway. They have to find a way to resign Starks or Adams with their salary cap situation and I don’t know how they do it. You just can’t throw C. Scott or Meredith out there, Ben’s head, knee or mind will snap

  • Steve Duncan

    Without someone redoing a deal, it can’t be done. They already tried to get Adams before they signed Meredith and couldn’t work anything out.

  • Why isn’t Mendenhall part of the two minute offense?

  • What I don’t understand, is why the Steelers didn’t use a TE on the left side, and double team Freeney? When game planning for the Colts, who was the genius that said “let’s have Scott block Dwight Freeney one-on-one”?

    It’s no secret J Scott is bad. Only a deeply troubled, and delusional person would have expected Scott to hold his own against a player of Freeney’s caliber. A good coach knows that ability, and limitations of his players, and compensates for them. Scott was put into a situation, where the only possible outcome was failure.

  • Tomt

    The colts defensive ends where wide, comming hard up field
    all night long. I kept waiting screens, or a dump swing pass to
    the back. The Colts beat us (Steelers) up front all night long,
    however, it appered our play calling also contributed towards
    those Defensive Ends having their ears pinned back all night
    long. Steelers play calling a-bit-questionable, and don,t forget
    about running the ball, it allows our offensive linemen to play
    more physical. Glad we got the win, but I admire the colts
    performance, they were very tough.

    California Steerlers Fan, (45) years.