Steelers Mike Tomlin Press Conference – Seahawks Week 2 – 2011

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met the media on Tuesday for his second regular season press conference in preparation for the Sunday game against the Seattle Seahawks at Heinz Field. Below are the talking points from the presser along with audio.


Below is a recap and talking points from the press conference today.

Mike Tomlin opened by saying he still has no explanation for how they preformed Sunday against the Ravens.

Tomlin confirmed torn triceps of Willie Colon and says he will “probably go on IR.” Colon had surgery this morning. Marcus Gilbert will start at right tackle. Tomlin said all other injuries are minor and in-game type injuries. Gilbert will be held to same standard. Tomlin said they will work out a couple of tackles today as far as depth standpoint.

Tomlin said James Harrison is fine and they will monitor Jerricho Cotchery and rookie Chris Carter who are both trying to recover from hamstring injuries.

Tomlin broke out a new Tomlinism today and said, “There\’s a fine line between drinking wine and squashing grapes. Last week we were squashing grapes.” Tomlin said the Ravens did not do anything earth shattering on Sunday, they just executed better.

Tomlin on positives from Sunday said Daniel Sepulveda punted the ball well.

Doug Legursky will stay at right guard as he thought he played well enough.

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  • Joe D

    Did he mean to say… “making wine”.

  • Tann84

    Disagree with Doug Legursky playing well enough, we will need a replacement for RG soon. We can still make the SB like we have in the past with a bad line but man I hate getting ate up by Suggs and Ngata everytime we play the Ravens.

  • Intropy

    I completely agree that Legursky did not play well enough. I don’t think he showed he was capable of starting from last season’s play or in the preseason. But if you grant that he earned the start over the other candidates, it’s overreaction to bench him after one game, especially one where nearly every part of the team pratfell.

  • Gabetyson1980

    We should have benched entire first string on both sides of the ball after about middleof third quater that shit was embarrassing second string could not have been but so much worse

  • Steve Duncan

    I think he did.

  • MrSeaChicken

    It looked like the Steelers were drinking wine and got squished like a grape! HA!