Terrell Suggs Says He Will Take A Fine For A Good Shot On A Quarterback

Ravens Terrell Suggs was on the Jim Rome radio show on Friday and talked about a variety of topics including the way that James Harrison goes about the way he plays the game.

Rome asked Suggs about Harrison and here was the reply by Suggs:

I respect the way he goes about it. You know we play a physical game and we all know the risk when we strap the helmet on and now the NFL is making this game a more offensive game. You know people want to see touchdowns, people want to see receivers catch balls and get free releases, but you know us, a defender, how is that helping us do our job? You say you can\’t hit a quarterback in the knee, but I got hit in the knee, by a quarterback and nothing was done to him. You see what I\’m saying? Is he more valuable than me? This was Brady Quinn we\’re talking about here, we ain\’t talking about a Tom Brady, a Drew Brees a Peyton Manning. You know what I mean? we\’re talking about a quarterback that might be out of the league in two years. He hit me in my knee and almost ended my carrer.

Suggs went on to say at the end, “I\’ll take a fine if I get a good shot at a quarterback. I don\’t care where I hit him, how I hit him.”

Listen to the audio below of that portion of the interview.

  • steelers43

    To bad Quinn didnt end Sluggs carrer, guys a A-hole and one ugly MFer

  • As much as I hate to say it, I agree with him. I wish everyone had the Steelers-Ravens defensive mentality.

  • dlcole76054

    Hey Dude, how about $200,000 and a 6 game suspension? Will THAT get your attention? Forget the lousy $25,000 hits..that’s chump change to these guys. BIG buck$$ and suspensions are the only way to implement a change…got that Mr. Commish???

  • Roachmancsu

    He is ugly you bet yer ass on that but to say the crap about ending his career? that is just classless but then again what should we expect from a inbred!