2011 Ben Roethlisberger No-huddle Stats Through Week 6

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger talked earlier today about wanting to run the no-huddle offense more moving forward and the stats tweet by Mark Kaboly got me curious to the Steelers stats running the no-huddle this year. As Kaboly states, Roethlisberger is 6 of 13 for 86 yards this year in the no-huddle with 1 interception and no touchdowns. He has also been sacked once. The Steelers only ran once in the no-huddle this season and it was an Issac Redman 2-yard run on 3rd and 1 from the Titans 29 yard-line. That play was the only time they have gone no-huddle in the 1st quarter this season.

As Kaboly also pointed out, only once did they run a near exclusive series of no-huddle plays and that was late against the Ravens in week 1 when the game was well out of reach. Roethlisberger went 3 of 6 for 34 yards on that series and was sacked once. The 2nd & 10 play from the Ravens 28 though did have a huddle before it however.

The Steelers mostly ran the no-huddle with the 11 personnel package that includes 1 running back, 1 tight end and 3 wide receivers. The formation of choice mostly was having 1 in the backfield with the 4 others out wide. 5 times they did go empty set at the snap of the football.

Only 2 of the 13 passes attempted were of the deep variety. 6 were to the short left area, 2 to the short right and 3 to the short middle.

Roethlisberger was blitzed 4 times on these plays and was 1 of 3 passing with 1 sack. The interception of course was the play right before halftime against the Titans.

Since the Ravens game, Roethlisberger is 1 of 6 passing in the no-huddle for 18 yards and the 1 interception.

4BLTPASSshort left1&10PIT 48C2610M.Wallace5YESY
4BLTPASSshort middle1&10BLT 47C81110M.Moore4NOY
4BLTPASSshort right1&10PIT 38C81110H.Ward4NOY
4BLTPASSshort middle2&2PIT 46C141110H.Miller4NOY
4BLTPASSshort left1&10BLT 40C121110H.Miller4NOY
4BLTPASSdeep left1&10BLT 28I01110A.Brown4YESY
4BLTPASSshort left3&10BLT 28I000A.Battle4NOY
4BLTPASSsacked4&10BLT 28S-700N/A4YESY
4INDPASSshort left1&10PIT 37I01110A.Brown4NOY
2TENPASSshort left1&10PIT 25I01110M.Wallace4NOY
2TENPASSshort middle2&10PIT 25C181110H.Miller4NOY
2TENPASSdeep middle1&10TEN 33I01110E.Sanders4YESY
2TENPASSshort right3&4TEN 27INT000E.Sanders4NOY
2JAXPASSshort left1&10PIT 35I0100M.Wallace4NOY
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